The Hit List – Ode to Patti Smith

by Theresa Reed on March 11, 2017

The Hit List - Ode to Patti Smith

I remember that day like it was yesterday. Sitting on the hard red bench in the kitchen reading the newspaper while mom fussed over dinner. Back then, there was a section in the paper called the “Green Sheet” which had cultural things, cartoons, and Dear Abby. That sort of thing. It was my favorite part of the paper so I always snatched it out before anyone else did.

One article caught my eye. “Mom, what’s punk rock?”

My mother was a farm woman and not too interested in anything pop culture. “I don’t know.” she grumbled as she continued spinning around the stove.

I was on my own – and I aimed to find out.

The next time we went into town for groceries, I stopped at the magazine stand. I was a magazine junkie from the time I had my first subscription to Humpty Dumpty, a children’s rag with stories, dot-to-dots and other kid-friendly fare. By now, Humpty Dumpty had been ditched for Tiger Beat and Mademoiselle (I wasn’t a fan of wholesome Seventeen – I leap frogged right over that to adult fashion mags). It was time for those teeny bopper magazines to be dumped for something with an edge.

I skimmed the rack until I spied Creem, a rock ‘n roll magazine with “super punk” splashed over a picture of Johnny Rotten on the cover.

One look inside at Sid Vicious and the Shaun Cassidy posters were immediately ripped off the bedroom wall to be replaced with skinny, spiked-haired heroin addicts. They looked nothing like the icky clean-cut farm boys that I was surrounded with. They were dangerous AF.

I was hooked.

My mother was horrified.

But it was too late and now my weekend grocery trips were spent buying any magazine that had a hint of subversive music, poring over the articles and pictures (I secretly loved that Creem used the F word), reading Bob Gruen’s reviews with great care, and saving up my allowance to special-order these albums from the record store. The man behind the counter always shook his head “are you sure you want this, kid?”

Yep. I was damn sure.

To do this back in the 70’s in a rural area was quite a feat. But it had to be done. I couldn’t bear to listen to the heavily produced “safe” music my peers blasted out through their 8-track players during lunch. I needed unsafe, edgy, political.

Somewhere in my search for all-things-that-might-shock-my-mom, I found Patti Smith. It must have been one of those Gruen reviews that convinced me to give her album Horses a spin. It was unlike anything else I ever heard from a female singer.

Her voice alternated between deep, melodic and throaty to and scratchy and almost whiny. Her words were pure poetry, heady, intellectual – I had to look up some of those words to know what the hell she was talking about. And her appearance – gaunt, wild-haired and wild-eyed, with ripped baggy shirts and jeans, oversized blazers, motorcycle boots, and ties. OH. MY. GOD. For a funny-looking awkward nerdy girl like myself, I finally had a role model.

I’ve been in love with her music ever since.

But yet, I never saw her perform live. My parents weren’t down with me going to any concerts and couldn’t afford it anyways, so that was natch.

And, over the years, I just got busy. Patti Smith also took a big time out to raise her kids. Life went on for both of us as life often does.

A few months ago, my son texted me: “wanna go see Patti Smith?” She was coming to Milwaukee. The last time she was here was four decades ago, right around the time I first discovered her – and she would be playing the full Horses album. Duh. Of course I wanted to go!

So my generous boy bought us orchestra seats with a perfect view and off we went this week. (Ps he gets major awesome kid points for this maneuver.)

When Smith walked on stage, I was instantly mesmerized. Her performance was electric, jarring, inspirational, and intense. Her passion came through full force – transfixing the audience (save for some asshat who decided it would be cool to throw garbage up on the stage – a perturbed Smith said “this is not your fucking trash can.”).

She performed the entire Horses album along with a few extras like “Dancing Barefoot” (my favorite song), “Because the Night” and “Frederick.” Smith also got the crowd cheering when she dedicated songs to the protesters at Standing Rock and ripped into Donal Trump.  She’s as political as ever.

At one point, she pointed out that she and her guitarist Lenny Kaye were 70 just like the president. For a moment, I had forgotten she was technically a senior citizen, even though her long, gray hair gave it away. The furious whirling energy that she brought to this show made her seem much younger.


For a woman like me, who is now well into her 50’s and no longer that awkward young girl but a kinda-awkward woman inching closer towards senior-citizen status, this was epic.

Patti Smith made getting older cool. Role model status = cemented.  Forever.

“I’m going to live until I’m fucking 110.” she proclaimed defiantly with her fists in the air.

You know…I believe her. And I’m sure she will continue to be the badass she’s always been, inspiring women just like me, to keep on being true to ourselves and kicking ass all the way.

The Hit List - Patti Smith

Takeaway from this concert: I need a blazer.

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What I’m Grateful For:

A generous son

16th row

Sugar free!

Big bowl of berries


New books

Old friends


Soundtrack for 3/11/17:

Looking for Your (Was I) by Patti Smith



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