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“Why are you always joking around? You’re never serious. I’m sick of it.” said a very exasperated daughter so many years ago.  She was beyond tired of my kidding, my teasing, my devil-may-care attitude.

This child was made of the somber stuff and life was a serious matter to her.

Me…not so much.

My way of looking at the world is through a cosmic comic lens. I tend to view my journey as a joyful ride with more reasons to laugh than cry – and not much gets me down for very long.

Don’t get me wrong. I can be as serious as a jackhammer on old concrete when it’s appropriate. I can wear a grim game face with the best of ‘em.  I’ve had my share of hot messes and drama-rama so I got plenty of reasons to wear a scowl.

I just prefer to laugh with life – even in the worst of times.

Wanna see me get real serious?

Touch my food and you’ll see me get hardcore.  FAST.

But meh…it never lasts long. So when my daughter pleaded with me to “get serious”, I did.  I honored her request and showed up like the kind of mom she thought I should be.  Serious as hell.  Stone faced even.  I didn’t crack a smile.  I might have even worn mom jeans to make it official.

Two days later, she begged me to go back to my old self.  “I prefer you joking around.”

Because even her solemn little self knew that humor is important.  Without it, life is pretty austere.  And that’s not funny at all.


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What I’m Grateful For:

Movie tickets

Homemade potato chips


Recognizing my own resistance

Tiny plastic rhinos

Sleeping a whole day away

Super sharp mini tweezers

Snail mail


Soundtrack for 3/19/16: God is Gangsta by Kendrick Lamar <-I can never get sick of Kendrick!



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