The Hit List - Ways to learn tarot without breaking the bank

Tarot is hotter than ever. Which means: lots more people want to learn how to read the cards. It’s easy to invest tons of money in every book, deck, and class out there – but you don’t have to. In fact, if you want to learn to read tarot without breaking the bank, there are some very good options available to you.

Let’s start by exploring a couple of good free online courses:

My favorite one, hands down, is Joan Bunning’s Learning the Tarot. It’s thorough, user-friendly, and sound. Go through her lessons and you’ll get a good handle on tarot. This where I tend to send most folk.

Tarot Elements has a bunch of free tarot tutorials. Catherine’s work is rock-solid. It’s my other top recommended site for tarot education.

Avia Venefica’s Tarot Teachings is excellent. Like the two sites above, it has a wealth of tarot information. Highly recommended.

Truly Teach Me Tarot is another site worth checking out. The layout takes a bit getting used to but the course information is tight.

Free You Tube programs:

Daily Tarot Girl has an engaging presence and a lot of good info to share. Defo check her out!

Tarot by Emilie is another You-Tuber with a great channel. She’s really down to earth – kinda like the tarot girl next door. But don’t underestimate her: she knows her cards.

Holistic Tarot author Benebell Wen is a total tarot smarty pants. I love her work – and if you want to learn tarot, you’re in luck because she has a fab YouTube channel.

Inner Goddess is hosted by Lori Lytle. Her channel is fabulous! Her mission: to take the intimidation out of tarot. I think you’ll find that she does that well in her YouTube classes.

Kelly-Ann Maddox has a Trainee Tarot Course that you may find helpful. She’s one of my faves!

Lastly, my gal Ethony has one of the most comprehensive YouTube tarot channels. This might be your one-stop tarot learning shop.

Inexpensive tarot programs:

Little Red Tarot has two cheap online courses that are well worth your time: The Alternative Tarot Course and A Card A Day Email Course. Beth Maiden’s site is a favorite amongst tarot peeps – so you can expect top notch content.

Tarot Fundamentals by Jessica Dore is another reasonably priced course. Her mission is to teach tarot as a tool for self-care.

Okay, friends. This oughta get you pointed in the right direction. Remember: you don’t have to throw a ton of money at one of those expensive programs when there are so many free and budget-friendly options available. Do your research, find what you like, and keep on studying!

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This cool tub was in a shop called Fig and Yarrow Apothecary in Denver. It was seriously one of the most gorgeous shops I have ever been in.

Other stuff:

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