How to remain objective when you tarot read for the whole family

You’ve read tarot for a client and she excitedly passes your name along to the rest of her family.  Suddenly, they are all coming to see you – on a regular basis.

At times, they come together and sit in the same room.

They may ask about their loved one during their reading…and vice versa.

You might even hear this line: “Oh my god, I told Hope all about the reading you gave her on our upcoming wedding and now she wants to come in and see if you tell her the same!”

Or “I know that Biff was just in last week…tell me your opinion – do you think he’s going to dump me?”

And maybe this: “I am sure my sister told you all about my situation….”  (This is the skeptic’s perfect “out” to discredit your abilities, by the way.)

How on earth can you remain objective in these situations?

Is it possible?

I’m here to say: YES.  (Cue the sighs of relief.)

I’m a long time tarot reader so I’ve been reading whole families for years. Remaining neutral and grounded is not hard to do once you’ve learned a few techniques.

Begin your day with a grounding practice such as yoga or meditation.  This will put you in the right mindset so that when you sit down with any client, you are present and focused on them.  Your tarot brain needs to be in that groove every time you sit down for a reading.  It will help you to minimize any distraction – even the reading you just did for Aunt Selma who is sitting in the room.

At the end of your day, practice doing an “energy dump” so you are not carrying anyone’s information forward.  It will help you to keep biases out of the equation – plus, it will keep you sane. Here’s a post with some of my favorite tips for clearing energy: Got goo? How to clear your client’s negative energy out of your body.

These methods ALWAYS help me to remain rooted in the present for every client who walks in my door.

Here are a few other secrets that I use to keep my tarot slate clean:

One of the beauties about being a high volume reader is that there is zero way you can keep track of your readings.  I never remember my readings.  I simply do too many.  In my case, it is impossible.  When you get to that point, you’ll know exactly what I’m talking about.  Many times I don’t even remember the client when they contact me to book an appointment.

I also never keep notes on any clients. I erase email readings immediately.  I do not hold on to audios.  As soon as my readings are done, any trace gets erased. It’s out of my hands and into the hands of the client.

There are some readers who do keep notes on clients and I feel that muddies up the works. In fact, some psychic hotlines encourage their readers to do this so that they can appear more personable and impress the clients by “remembering little details”.  I think that practice is disingenuous and keeps the reader rooted in the old information.  Things change and circumstances may be radically different the next time they contact you for a reading. You always want to be fresh for your client – even if that means not remembering who they are or what their previous circumstances were.  (Trust me, they won’t be insulted if you cannot remember stuff.)

When I book an appointment with any client, I only write down their first name.  This way, once they show up, I’m not in “oh, that’s Josie’s kid calling soon” mindset – it’s simply “I have an appointment with a woman named Aretha at noon.”  When they call, they may remind me of whom they are related to, but I’ve had zero time to form a connection – or opinion – in my head.  Shazam!

A few things to keep in mind when you read for various members of a family:

NEVER share what goes on in another family member’s reading.  EVER. If someone wants to pry into what you told their loved one, stop the conversation immediately and remind them of client confidentiality.

If a client wants to know if another family member has been in to see you recently, remain mum.  If they remark “I know that you just saw Ellen last week…” don’t feel a need to confirm that. Move on from the subject as fast as possible.

If the relative shared their reading with them, and they want to discuss that with you, remain neutral.  Let them know that you are not present to discuss someone else’s reading and that the time spent with you would be better focused on their reading.

If there is a “family war” going on, they may try to put you in the middle.  Don’t play diplomat or family tarot spy.  If you feel that you are being manipulated into those roles, let them know that this is not going to be conducive for a good reading.

In some cases, you may have to recuse yourself.  If you cannot remain neutral and objective, it is best to refer them to another reader.  I’ve had to do this once or twice over the years and it’s always been the wisest move.  If I  feel that I cannot bring my A-Game to a reading, I won’t do it.

Always remember: they may be family members but they are individuals. Treat each client as such and you’ll be able to serve them honestly and well – no matter how many members of the extended family come to your tarot table.



© Theresa Reed | The Tarot Lady 2015

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