Lunar Eclipse in Leo 2019 - and Tarot Readings for Each Zodiac Sign

The Lunar Eclipse in Leo arrives on Monday, January 21st at 12:16 AM EST (which means it might happen for some folks on Sunday evening, depending on your time zone). This is a super wolf moon lunar eclipse so the energy will be super-charged! This is also the last of the Leo/Aquarius eclipse series which began in 2017. Look back at the summer of 2017. How have you changed since then? Are you happy with the growth you’ve experienced? Or have the eclipses shown a light on how far you have yet to go? This eclipse gives you another opportunity to assess your growth –  and take a major step forward in your evolution.

Leo loves the spotlight and the eclipse in Leo is your time to step onto the main stage and shine a light on all of your accomplishments. Consider this your star turn.  No more holding back! Be proud of your hard work and don’t be afraid to brag a bit. That being said, you’ll want to find the balance between confidence and humility. You can bedazzle us all with your brilliance while still remaining grounded.

The creative energy is on FIRE today. Which means it’s the perfect day to tap into your creative juices. If you’re working on the next great American novel or putting the finishing touches on your website, you may receive divine inspiration around this day. Channel that creative energy to begin or finish projects.

Thinking about starting a family? This eclipse is the right time to begin laying out the plan. You might want to try conceiving or, if you’ve been having trouble in that department, may want to schedule in a visit to your doctor.

Because Leo is also associated with drama, you’ll want to be alert for that today. Don’t go looking for it. If it shows up at your door, do your best to minimize it. Situations could blow up in your face if you’re stirring the pot. Remember: eclipses can bring changes and with the Leo influence, those changes could be quite dramatic if push comes to shove.

An important relationship could come to an end around this day. If that happens, you must let it go and trust that it was meant to be.

One thing to keep in mind: this Moon will be in a funky square to Uranus, which brings an unpredictable vibe to the day. There may be a bit of anxiety pulsating through the weekend and you’ll want to guard against emotionally impulsive decisions, especially with relationships. Sit tight and see how things pan out before making a move. Let significant decisions wait until a few days after the eclipse has passed. You’ll have more clarity then.

Adding a bit of tension, Mercury will also be squaring Uranus, which means that upsetting news may arrive around this time, perhaps something that disrupts your plans. It’s also possible that there may be something happening on the world’s stage this weekend that could leave us all feeling uncertain about what’s next. The best plan: stay cool and look for where you can make a difference.

Always remember: eclipses bring change so it’s wise to pay attention to what’s happening around you – and around the world. Once you are able to see which way things are turning, you can make a better decision going forward. Give this one a few days to marinate. From there, you can proceed with courage because Leo is all about that.

And here’s some mini Lunar Eclipse in Leo Tarot Readings for each sign of the zodiac using the intriguing Mountain Dream Tarot!

Lunar Eclipse in Leo 2019 - and Tarot Readings for Each Zodiac Sign

Aries: The HIerophant – Seek wise counsel. A mentor, teacher, or spiritual advisor may be able to provide the clarity you need at this time.

Taurus: Ten of Swords – This is your day to let go of something that is no longer working. It may sting a bit but you’ll be glad to be done with it.

Gemini: The Magician – You have the power to manifest whatever your heart desires. Focus your will on your desires – and so mote it be!

Cancer: Four of Pentacles – If you want true security, you must begin to take charge of your finances. Create structures that will support your future.

Leo: Knight of Wands – Take bold action on your ideas. RUN WITH THEM. Your creativity is ready to roll! PS an adventure may show up unexpectedly. GO.

Virgo: Queen of Wands – Nurture your passions. Love your life. Be open to the pleasures that life has to offer you today.

Libra: Justice reversed – Life may not feel fair at this time. What is your role in this? What can you do to make things right again?

Scorpio: Judgement – An awakening is upon you. Your higher self is sending you a message. Answer the call! Rise up!

Sagittarius: Ten of Wands – Heavy responsibilities rest on your capable shoulders. Soldier on – you’re almost done with a major project.

Capricorn: Page of Wands – Exciting news arrives today! A new job, creative venture, or passion may show up in your world.

Aquarius: Seven of Cups – The things you want the most seem just out of reach. Plant your feet on the ground and you’ll see the way to get what you want.

Pisces: The High Priestess reversed – You are way more sensitive and intuitive today than usual. Do NOT ignore your instincts. If you do, it could be costly.



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