My Top Rituals for Uber Success

by Theresa Reed on December 19, 2012

New Years Rituals

My absolutely favorite time of year is New Year’s Eve.  It’s that vibe of the ‘fresh start’ that just seems to put me in an optimistic mood.

Every year, I do a series of rituals to get my mojo working and goals a popping.

I’ve written about my New Years Eve ritual before – but I’m going to share it again along with a few other of my secret manifesting things I do to ensure my upcoming year is slanted towards big time success.

(Some of these are not my original ideas – but I have adapted them to suit me.  Feel free to change anything you’d like to make it right for you.)

Ritual #1:  The Perfect Day – I sit down with a pad of paper and start to visualize what my perfect day would look like.  And then I write it down in painstaking detail.  For example: “I wake up at 7:30AM without an alarm. I had a fantastic 8 hour sleep so I feel refreshed and spring instantly out of bed.  After brushing my teeth and greeting the cats, I sit down for a meditation and yoga session….etc etc”).  I make sure to focus on activities that are uplifting and positive – as well as things I’d like to manifest in my life (for example, one year I wrote monthly massages into my perfect day – and guess what – it is now my reality).

Ritual #2:  The Big Calendar – At the end of the year, I get a giant dry erase wall calendar and my ephemeris.  The first thing I do: mark off all of the planned vacation times for the year.  After checking my ephemeris for auspicious dates, I add any planned launches, special classes and offers on the calendar.  Once this is done, I put it up on the wall right by my desk.  Just seeing this every day seems to set a tone for my work to run smoothly and easily.  Some might say this is simply good planning but I happen to believe if I am looking at something often, it gets imprinted on my consciousness.

Ritual #3:  Monthly Hell Yeahs – Every month, I grab my small wall calendar and pick a few random days.  Then I write uplifting affirmations on those days.  It might be simply “fantastic day!” or “big opportunity day” – write whatever you like as long as it is positive.  This is hung right by my computer so I see it constantly.  You would be surprised how uncanny this works.  I’ve had some amazing results from this simple little ritual

Ritual #4:  The New Years Eve Tone Setter:  I’ve been doing it for years now and I swear it works almost too well.  Here’s what I do – first, I check my numerology for the year and find out what my “yearly number” will be.  (This is the number that defines the overall tone of the year.)  It’s not hard to figure out and you don’t have to be a math whiz to do it.  For example, I am born on June 11.  Since next year will be 2013, I am going to add the numbers from my birthday to 2013 and reduce it all down to a single digit:

6+1+1+2+0+1+3 = 14
Reduce 1+4 = 5

So my number for 2013 is a 5 year (my birth name adds up to a 5 – so this feels auspicious to me!).  Next, I find out the “theme” for the year based on the number.  I HIGHLY recommend you check out Chris Delorey’s Creative Numerology site to read her interpretations for your year.  Her descriptions are very detailed and accurate.  (  According to Chris, a 5 year is about freedom.

Based on that information, I pick a “theme song” – perhaps I may use “I’m Free” by the Rolling Stones (probably not – as I keep my theme songs top secret!)

At exactly Midnight when the year changes, I listen to my theme song (with the advent of You Tube I now get to watch it as a video!).  And voila – the tone is set and the magic begins for me!  It is interesting to see how my year develops – often I will listen to the theme song to reinforce the magic – or something will happen and I’ll immediately think of the song.

But a sage word of advice – I learned the HARD way to be VERY careful in my song choices.  Sometimes this works a little too well and if the song is a bummer in any way, I can guarantee that those vibes are very much in play.

So perhaps I am superstitious or maybe there is something to this sort of thing – either way, I’d love to hear your results should you decide to try any of these.

Here’s to your best 2013!



© Theresa Reed | The Tarot Lady

PS two great resources that I LOVE to recommend:

Denise Duffield Thomas of Lucky Bitch wrote my all time favorite book on manifesting.  She’s also a coach and she is always coming out with great products that help you upgrade your life.

I recently purchased The Desire Map from Danielle LaPorte.  This is goal setting in a whole new way.  I’m adding her method to my methods and seeing what happens.  I’m thinking this is going to amp up my current manifesting to super sonic!

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