New Moon in Virgo 2021 - and Tarot Readings for Each Zodiac Sign

As summer begins to fade and sweater weather looms, we’ve got a special lunation happening on Monday, September 6th at 8:52 PM EDT. At that time, the New Moon in Virgo 2021 arrives and sets in motion the perfect conditions for a clean slate. This particular New Moon is auspicious on its own but several lucky aspects add to the magic.

It begins with Mars in a trine with Pluto at 8:20 AM EDT. This powerhouse combo provides the astrological muscle for transformation. No matter how things look at the moment, profound change is possible. Begin your day taking inventory on where you need to let go and level up. What’s working? Is there anything holding you back? What are you willing to do to evolve? Consider these questions – and start plotting. Remember: you can channel the willpower of the Mars-Pluto trine and move every mountain. Giddy up!

At 9:05 AM EDT, Venus trines fortunate Jupiter. When these two benefics align, the vibe is ripe for manifesting all the good things! HELL YEAH! This trine adds luck, harmony, and plenty of love into the morning – the perfect warm-up for your goals to gain momentum.

The main act arrives at 8:52 PM EDT when the New Moon steps onstage stage and forms a trine with change-maker Uranus a few minutes later. Suddenly, doors that seemed closed open up wide – and your new life awaits. This is your fresh start and a golden opportunity to plant seeds for future growth. Set intentions for work, service, perfectionism, habits, and health. More importantly, begin taking actions to make these goals become reality. When you align your actions with your intentions, the Universe works overtime to provide support. This day has all the magic you need to clean up your act and turn over a new leaf. As the saying goes: today is the first day of the rest of your life. The cosmos is cheering you on wildly. You’ve got this!

And here’s some mini New Moon in Virgo 2021 Tarot Readings with Light Seer’s Tarot!

New Moon in Virgo 2021 - and Tarot Readings for Each Zodiac Sign

Aries: Two of Swords – Hold off on making a decision. You need more information.

Taurus: Justice – The laws of karma are bringing retribution. You will get justice.

Gemini: Seven of Cups – There are many options before you. Choose with care.

Cancer: Seven of Wands reversed – A struggle comes to a close. You don’t have to fight any longer.

Leo: The Wheel – Your luck is about to change. Everything spins in your favor.

Virgo: Five of Cups – In order to grow, you must let go. Release the pain and start over.

Libra: Two of Pentacles – Your finances are fluctuating. Try not to overspend or hoard.

Scorpio: Knight of Swords – A situation is brewing. You may need to step in and take command.

Sagittarius: Three of Pentacles – Your hard work is being noticed. Thank your team for their assistance.

Capricorn: Queen of Wands – You’re all fired up and ready to kick major ass. Let’s GO!

Aquarius: Six of Cups reversed – Why are you holding on to the past? Stop looking back. Who cares about that person?

Pisces: Six of Wands – The finish line is near and you’re about to score the touchdown. Your efforts pay off at last.



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