No bull: a no-nonsense guide to maxing out the Uranus in Taurus transit

On Wednesday, March 6, 2019, Uranus moves into the earthy sign of Taurus (it spent a brief time here in 2018, giving us all a taste of what’s to come). It’s going to hang out here until April  26, 2026. That’s a pretty big span of time, right? That’s because Uranus is one of the “outer planets” – it takes a long time to circle the earth.

Uranus is the planet of upheavals, change, revolution, freedom, and rebellion.

Taurus, which is ruled by Earth, is associated with money and land. It’s also a Fixed sign, which means: it doesn’t dig change. Uranus in Taurus isn’t the most comfortable placement – it’s kinda like a rebellious teen arguing with their conservative mother. That vibe? Frustrating. 

This placement is going to bring changes in currency and financial matters. 

The last time Uranus was in Taurus was from 1934 to 1942. That period found us dealing with the Great Depression and World War II. These events brought financial insecurity for many as people struggled to get by and war led to rations. But this was also the time of the Banking Act of 1935 and the Social Security Act, both part of the New Deal created by Franklin D. Roosevelt. These changes created new safeguards and helped to foster prosperity and security for future generations. This illustrates how this placement works: a shock to the system leads to innovations that change whatever issues are associated with the sign that Uranus is transiting. In this case, that will be money.

You might be wondering: are we going to have another Great Depression?

Probably not. No doubt there will be shaky stuff happening in the economy but there are safety nets to prevent another Great Depression from occurring. That being said, economic uncertainty could make things worse for some. 

Banking, big business, currency, and the world economy could all experience shake-ups during this transit. Currencies could rise and fall – and the housing market could experience disruptions. The stock market might be unpredictable – people could gain and lose millions overnight. Banks could experience problems and loose regulation may end up costing consumers in the long run. 

Old ways of doing business will fall out of favor as innovation and technology could drastically change the way business is done. 

This period could also be favorable for artists or people who engage in creative work due to the Venus connection of Taurus. Relationships could also experience a shift as society’s attitudes about marriage could change. 

Because Taurus is an earth sign, we may also see issues around Mother Earth coming front and center. This is a good time to think about climate change, preservation, and recycling as the world becomes more crowded. If we are unwilling to change (Taurus can be stubborn, yo), Mother Earth may give us more than one wake-up call to get our attention. 

This is also a time when people will begin questioning their attachment to money – and debt. There have already been stories in the news of millennials struggling with school loans and eschewing credit card debt. More people may begin to demand economic reform around student loans and other forms of debt. 

Lastly, the clash between conservative values and progressive ones will be front and center on the world’s stage. Keep in mind that we also have Pluto in Capricorn until 2024 – this transit favors tearing down the old ways to make way for the new. Society is going to shift gears, whether some people like it or not.

How might you max out this transit?

For one, begin questioning your own relationship with money and debt:

  • Are you feeling secure about your future? 
  • Or are you knee-deep in debt with no way out? 
  • Are you comfortable with the concept of debt and possessions – or do you long to be a minimalist, owing nothing to nobody? 
  • When you think of being debt-free, what does that look like? What does that feel like?
  • How do you talk to your loved ones about money?
  • Do you manage your money or just wing it and hope for the best?
  • What, if any, type of budget do you have?
  • Do you wear things out or buy the latest and greatest, even if it means carrying debt?

Check your values now and begin thinking about what you’d like your financial picture to look like – and what you need to do to clean things up. 

I highly recommend The Art of Money by Bari Tessler Linden. This is a guidebook of financial healing that will change your relationship to money – it’s the PERFECT book for the Uranus in Taurus transit.

If you are going to invest in the stock market, an upstart business, or real estate, you’ll want to do your research and minimize risk during this transit. While there is nothing wrong with investing and taking a little risk, this transit could be costly if you are impulsive. Know what you’re investing in before making the move. It’s also wise to work with a trusted financial advisor, who will be able to guide you into making sound decisions.

Follow the lead of the people who were living during the Great Depression by erring on the side of frugal. Although we associate this period of time with poverty, do know that many people did just fine – even though they were not rich. This is because they took a thrifty approach – they managed money carefully, wore things out, gardened and canned their own food, etc. You don’t need to start darning your own socks but you may, at the very least, start clipping coupons and sticking to a budget that makes sense for your situation. Live below your means as much as you can.

Pay down debts or try to avoid debt altogether. For some people, this will be hard. Just do the best you can with what you have.

If possible, amp up your savings. Again, this is another area where some folks won’t have the means to do that. If you fall into that category, don’t feel bad if you’re unable to save money. Again: do what you can. 

Reuse, recycle, upcycle, compost. These are great Uranus in Taurus practices! Heck, these are good things to do regardless of where Uranus is sitting!

If you work for the man, max out your 401K if they offer this. If they don’t, you may want to ask for a raise, seek a promotion, or, if the job doesn’t pay well, start looking for a new job or training that will give you the skills to seek a better-paying job.

Another smart move would be starting that side hustle you’ve been dreaming about. A part-time job could bring in more cash and start moving you towards a secure future. 

If you run your own business, this is the time to embrace technology if you haven’t already. Get yourself on the web and start testing out social media. Use it wisely and your business could boom during this transit. You’ll also want to be mindful that the economy may have ups and downs – this could impact your business. A strong business budget is advised during this period. Invest in your business carefully and get rid of wasteful spending. Put money aside for tough times and you’ll move through this period with grace instead of stress.

If you are struggling financially, ask for help. Do not be afraid to reach out for assistance. And for those of us who are fortunate enough to have steady jobs or disposable income, please start thinking about how you can give to those in need. This is not the time to hoard your wealth. Use it to lift others up. Give what you can – because that’s how a just society operates. (Psst…politicians who are hell-bent on cutting benefits to the poor and elderly to give tax cuts to the rich, I’m looking side-eyed at you.)

This is also a good time to learn about cryptocurrencies. If you’re curious about bitcoin and all that jazz, start studying. I would recommend investing with care though because again…Uranus in Taurus ain’t playin’. If it’s too shady, be careful!

Because of the connection to the earth, this is also a strong period for dealing with climate change. Look at ways you can cut your carbon footprint down: drive less, take public transportation, walk, bike, recycle, install solar panels – those sorts o’ things. You may also want to contact your representatives to insist they combat climate change and embrace renewable energy.

This is also the time when you’ll want to adopt an open-minded attitude. If you are too fixed in your opinions and beliefs, it’s time for a ch-ch-change.

If you are one of the Fixed signs in the zodiac – Taurus, Leo, Scorpio, or Aquarius – you may find this transit to be a bit challenging if you insist on keeping the status quo. Do not cling to the old and familiar. Be willing to let go and do things differently. Trust that whatever is happening, even if it feels outside of your control, will bring about a much-needed evolution. 

Finally, here’s advice for Uranus’s Taurus transit in your astrological chart. To find where Taurus is, look to the outside cusps to find the symbol for Taurus. That’s the house that will be affected. Depending on the placement, the transit may affect one house – or two.

As an example, here’s Kim Kardashian’s chart and where Uranus will be hanging out (look at the big red arrow):

Kim Kardashian's astrology chart with Uranus in Taurus transit

Although Taurus is on her 6th house cusp, it’s at 22º. Uranus in Taurus will begin in her 5th house and hang here for a few years before actually crossing into her 6th house.

Read on about the transits through the houses:

Uranus transit in the 1st house: Make a radical change to your appearance. Dye your hair green, ditch your old duds, lose weight or bulk up. Be free to be YOURSELF. Drop old friends, seek unusual people. Live the adventurous life you’ve always wanted! Watch out for impractical attitudes and rebelling for the sake of rebelling. Don’t be a rebel without a good cause! Uranus in Taurus is your time to be free – don’t cage yourself in. SOAR!

Uranus transit in the 2nd house: All the financial advice above – multiply that. Erratic finances could set your teeth on edge. You may experience dramatic gains…or losses. Maybe both. Tend to your money with care. Use innovative ideas to manage your resources. Learn what you can about cryptocurrency. Groups, friends, and tech could benefit your bottom line. Avoid impulsive spending and risky ventures. Make budgeting your new BFF.

Uranus transit in the 3rd house: You’re able to tap into your genius zone if Uranus hangs here. Ideas can be “way out” and inventive. Trust your gut and, if you get an innovative idea, act on it. This is a good time to study astrology and the occult. It’s also a positive time for lecturing, writing, and any type of electronic communication. If you’re in the media, your words hold power. Short trips will do you good – if you get an itch to travel (or need to go for biz), do it. Watch out for nervousness and restlessness. Also: you may be getting some ideas that might be highly impractical. That flying house? Perhaps it’s not as cool or practical as you think it is.

Uranus transit in the 4th house: This transit brings changes in the home or a desire for freedom from the family. You may move suddenly or renovate your home in a funky new decor. This is a good time for updating the technology in your crib (new computer – yay!) or for running an online business out of your home. Family could be unpredictable during this transit – or you may be the weird one who decides to go your own way. Untie the apron strings and do your thing. Just be careful that you don’t burn bridges out of impulse. 

Uranus transit in the 5th house: Uranus in the 5th is awesome for artists, musicians, and actors. Much originality can happen now – express your art (and self) freely! Do that and you could become famous!  Romance can be exciting and unpredictable during this transit. You may meet “the one” under unusual circumstances – or relationships may come and go suddenly. A long-term one may come crashing down, leaving everyone in shock but a new one may be waiting in the wings – shocking people again. This transit can also bring about relationships with unstable individuals. Get your freak on but avoid the real freaks as much as possible. In some cases, this can also indicate an unplanned pregnancy! Unless you want a baby, you better bag it. Uranus in the 5th is also the time where you want to be uber careful with speculation – gambling or unwise investments could be costly. Know when to hold ’em and fold ’em. 

Uranus transit in the 6th house: Technology at work is one of the ways Uranus shows up in the 6th house. If you’re in the tech industry, you could experience a major upgrade to your career. This transit can also bring job changes or new, innovative ways of working. Working conditions could be downright weird or unstable too. Friendships could be helpful if you’re looking for work or you may want to start a business with a group of buddies. Uranus in the 6th can also bring an interest in strange fad diets. (I’m hoping the chocolate donut diet becomes the new thang!) By the way, if you’re thinking about getting involved in a career in astrology or the sacred arts, this might be the right time to go for it!

Uranus transit in the 7th house: Relationships need freedom during this transit. Everyone wants breathing room now so give others space – and ask that others grant you the same. Unusual, eccentric people may come into your life or relationships may be unorthodox in some way. Old partnerships may dissolve at this time and new ones may form out of the blue. In some astrology books, this is the “divorce” transit. That’s not necessarily so – as long as you are open to change and willing to give each other freedom, things can be downright groovy. This marks a time when you need to be open-minded around relationships and ready to deal with people in a whole new way. 

Uranus transit in the 8th house: Joint finances, corporate money, taxes, and legacies need to be handled with care. It may be that these areas are in need of a revamp. Or it could be that business becomes somewhat unpredictable, which could lead to instability around monies. Be mindful AF if you want to avoid financial disaster. Repeat after me: budget, budget, budget. This is a good time to pay off debts. If you’re knee-deep when this transit begins, start plotting out the way forward. If you need to, explore bankruptcy. Intuition will be STRONG with this transit. If you’ve ever wanted a chance to commune with the dead, Uranus may open the veils with the other side. Because the 8th house also rules sex, this transit can bring some unusual sexual experiences. If you’re looking to get your kink on, you may be in luck. 

Uranus transit in the 9th house: This is a fabulous transit for travel. You may be jetting off to new and unusual places – or sudden opportunities to indulge in your wanderlust may be available. Travel may also involve foreign cultures or groups and organizations. One thing is for sure: you can go far now. So what’s holding you back? See the world! This transit is also ideal for exploring new philosophies or religions. Learn about other people’s beliefs and don’t be afraid to challenge your beliefs…or other people’s. Because of the 9th house’s connection to higher education, you may also want to consider going back to school. Get that Ph.D. that you’ve been fantasizing about. Dr. looks good on you! One thing to watch out for: if you find yourself getting drawn into some sort of kooky cult, RUN. 

Uranus transit in the 10th house: Uranus in the 10th house often means sudden, radical changes in your career or professional standing. Your reputation may undergo an unexpected change (ex: a fall from grace – or a sudden rise to the top). One thing is for sure: if you want to be in the public eye, you’ll get there. (This will be an extremely interesting transit for politicians now – those who have Uranus here are the ones to keep an eye on. Shit might go down.) Professional groups and organizations may play a key role in your career. It’s also possible that you may feel a need to explore an entirely new career direction. If you’ve been feeling bored with your current line of work, start looking at new things you’d like to do. Because of the rebellious nature of Uranus, this transit can also mean trouble with bosses or other authority figures. This could lead to a loss of fortune so do watch that you don’t do anything too radical or impulsive. 

Uranus transit in the 11th house: Uranus rules the 11th house so this is a happy placement. Your social circle could open up in exciting new ways. New and unusual people may show up in your world or you could get involved in humanitarian groups that help to broaden your view of the world. If you’ve ever wanted a chance to stand up and speak out, Uranus in Taurus is your green light to grab your megaphone and make a difference! Goals and wishes can be realized – especially through the help of friends and organizations. Old friends will be fading out of your life, creating space for a bigger, more diverse group of peers. This is also a good time for getting techy or studying astrology. Heck, why not invent a new astrology software program while you’re at it?  

Uranus transit in the 12th house: This transit stimulates intuition and is also helpful for releasing old unconscious memories or habits. Letting go of the old, outworn becomes easier now or perhaps events may arise that give you the motivation to end something once and for all. Meditation may be appealing – and useful. Therapy too. Focusing inward will prove to be extremely beneficial. Take time to rest during this period. Do not push yourself – or matters. A slower pace will do you good and keep you grounded. This transit also has a way of bringing private affairs out into the open. If you have something that you don’t want to be made public, you’ll need to be extra careful now. Also, this transit can indicate frenemies – friends who turn out to be secret enemies! Watch your back. 


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Alright, friends – that’s all I’ve got for ya. May we all experience a change for the better!



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