The Tarot Coloring Book - Theresa Reed signing copies

The Tarot Coloring Book officially launched on November 1st.  It’s been exciting and fun ride for this first time author.  Heck, I have that “new mom” feeling – proudly showing off my baby everywhere I can.

In fact, I took it on the road with a mini-Midwest tour!

It started with my pre-launch party right here in Milwaukee on October 29th.  I served up a six-course tarot inspired dinner to 22 lucky participants. My buddy, Kyle Cherek, helped to host this delicious gig.  You can read more about that event here.

Next, it was time for an official launch!  Free Spirit Crystals was the place to be on November 4th.  For those who are not in the know, Free Spirit Crystals is the BEST new age store in the Milwaukee area.   Store owner Diane Bloom is a human encyclopedia of crystal knowledge and one of the best healers you’re going to find anywhere. Her shop is always hopping with mystical peeps – and it certainly was on launch night!

Tarot Coloring Book Road Tour

We had standing room only for the event.  Not sure if it was the cupcakes that lured them in (they were from the one-and-only best bakery in the area, Miss Cupcake) or my book – but I had a blast giving a mini-tarot lesson to the audience and signing books afterwards.


Free Spirit Crystals and Miss Cupcake




A few of us wore Packer shirts because Diane is a major Packer fan – and we thought it would add a touch of playfulness to the night.  If you’re looking for copies of The Tarot Coloring Book in Milwaukee – or just want to check out all of the other awesome wares and classes that Free Spirit Crystals offers, get to this shop.  You’re going to fall in love!

Eye of Horus

The next day, we were on to Minneapolis. My original plan was to teach a beginning tarot class at the Eye of Horus but the demand was so great, we had to add a second class!  The good people of Minneapolis are that into tarot!


The classes went off without a hitch and I met some truly lovely people such as Jacqueline Gates and Wes Berg (a warm, talented tarot reader that needs to get on your radar if you’re in the area). I also had a chance to chat with Cassandra Snow, who writes the utterly uh-may-zing series, Queering The Tarot, over at one of my fave tarot hubs, Little Red Tarot! (Unfortunately, my time was so limited that I had to gab with her between mouthfuls of pork belly tacos – I probably came off like a total slob!)

Eye of Horus is a friendly space for metaphysical people.  They have a nice selection of goods and some talented tarot readers and astrologers on staff. If you’re in this area and in need of some supplies (I highly recommend the smudge spray) or a reading, this your new hot spot, folks.

That night, I had dinner with my good friend, author Barbara Moore.  Barbara recently released a new tarot book, Your Tarot Your Way: Read Tarot With Any Deck, which is a fab intro for tarot newbies.  We chatted about work, the world, and all sorts of fun stuff as we enjoyed a nice meal at Muffuletta Café, a chic but casual eatery.

The next day, we headed home for a few days to rest up for the second leg of our tour.


On the 11th, we were back on the road for Cincinnati and Detroit.  I’ve never spent any time in either city, so I really wanted to check ‘em out.

Also, I had an ulterior motive for Cincinnati – I wanted to have dinner with my friend, Fabeku Fatunmise.  Fabeku is a business coach.  Actually, he’s more like a biz wizard.  He’s powerful, super-smart, and one of the all around coolest dudes I know. We ate at a supremely delicious hot spot called Maribelle’s Tavern. This was some serious OMG food. The brussels sprouts almost made me weep  – they were that good.


We bid adieu for the evening and it was time to rest up for Saturday promised to be a grinder: I had an appearance at Barnes and Noble followed by the drive to Detroit!



When I walked into Barnes and Noble, I was set up right in the front. This was genius because it allowed me to chat with curious people as I set up. Soon, it was show time!  I had a wonderful group of die-hard tarot fans, a few pros – and a total newbie!  I loved the mix and enjoyed talking with them.  There were lots of hugs to go around and books to be signed.  Cincinnati, I think I love you!  You’ve got some mighty cool people. (PS Barnes and Noble were a total class act – gracious, accommodating and warm. THANK YOU!)


I was also pleasantly surprised to discover my friend and fellow tarot professional, Shaheen Miro, lived here!  The last time I talked with him, he was in Denver. But recently relocated, he’s hanging in the Cincinnati area.  No wonder this city is glowing!


I didn’t have too much time to bask in that glitter – I had to get my booty to Detroit and I was staring at a five hour drive.


We hit the road and were at our hotel in no time. Well, it seemed like no time because the drive from Milwaukee to Cincinnati was way longer. This drive felt like a piece of cake!


Our location for classes and book signings was The Boston Tea Room, located in Ferndale, which is right outside the city limits.  People – Ferndale is popping!  I swear to god this was the city of beautiful creatures.  Everywhere I looked, everyone was hotter than hell.  What are they drinking up there??? (Better question: will this rub off?)

We scoped out the store the night before and then headed out to dinner with the proprietress, Heatherleigh Navarre.  Let me say this: Heatherleigh is a total BO$$ and all around badass. Her store is incredible – full of top notch merchandise and a friendly staff.  It’s also gorgeous to look at.  This woman ain’t messin’ around.  Other mystical biz people: get to Ferndale, check out The Boston Tea Room and learn how it should be done.



Anyhow, our dinner was at Public House, which was a total hipster joint. The food? OH-MY-GOD.  We slammed it down like it was our last supper.  To be honest, we were famished.  In fact, I believe I told Heatherleigh that I was “hangry.”  Ha ha!

After saying our goodbyes, it was time to rest up. I had two classes to teach the next day: a beginner’s workshop and one for pros about the business end of tarot reading.

Before class, I met up with my friends Pace and Kyeli for breakfast at Toast, a happening spot near our hotel.  They just moved into the area so this was a treat!  We had a blast chatting about the election and other stuff while enjoying creme brûlée donuts and other yummy breakfast fare.  With a full belly, I was ready to get my game on for The Boston Tea Room!


Both classes were full to the brim – and both audiences were smart and engaged.  The Detroit area has a really great scene for tarot lovers, both new and pro.  This is how it should be done in all communities, friends.  The energy was electric!




After I was done teaching ‘n signing books, we headed out with Heatherleigh and her mighty awesome fella Robert (shout out to Robert – he’s super cool!) for dinner at a killer Chinese restaurant. Frankly, I don’t remember the name but I won’t forget the calamari and the hanger steak.  DAMN.  They are eating some good stuff up there, yo.  (Note to self: come again. Even if only to eat in Detroit.)

A few hugs and goodbyes – then it was time to get our sleep on for the drive home.

I arrived yesterday, tired but energized.  The interesting thing: before I embarked on this, I had a few people try to dissuade me.  “It won’t be worth it.” was a mantra I heard.  I’m glad I didn’t listen to that.  It WAS worth it.

I met people, I signed books, I ate like a queen. I also had tons of time with my husband, who proved to be a perfect chauffeur and a necessary help (thank you, honey!).

I’m thrilled to be home and ready to hibernate for the winter but I’m also grateful for the chance to meet new friends and old as I spread the word about tarot and The Tarot Coloring Book.

Thank you, thank you, thank you, to all the fantastic shops + the people who came out to say hello.

Next stop….New Mexico in February.  See ya then!



© Theresa Reed | The Tarot Lady 2016

pictures from personal collection – and top photo from Cassandra Snow

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