Phone tarot readings are the way to go (email too!)
Years ago, I made the transition from in-person tarot readings to strictly phone and email. My business had been slowly heading that direction because it was more convenient for both clients and myself. 

Instead of having to schlepp here in lousy traffic and Wisconsin’s sometimes treacherous weather, folks could kick back at home with a cup of tea and receive a reading. Better yet, I could send them a recording – which gave them something to refer back to as much as they wanted. 

This also allowed me to expand my world to focus on clients all over the world, which meant I could serve people no matter where they lived. 

More importantly, eliminating the in-person sessions allowed me to finally feel safe. After one-too-many disturbing incidents, I no longer enjoyed having strangers in my home. A final encounter with a threatening man sealed the deal – and my doors.

Frankly, this was better for my introvert nature anyway. I stopped doing parties and events long ago because the crowds made me anxious – and I was subjected to rude people, who often showed up drunk wanting to “challenge” me. Sigh. It’s pretty sad when someone decides they need to get stupid over a tarot reading, but people do. 

No one should ever be made to feel unsafe in their work, but unfortunately, some people never learned common courtesy…or boundaries.

Once I stopped offering in-person sessions, a few local folks were none too happy. Some tried to push past my policies or wanted “exceptions.” There were one or two abusive or manipulative emails also. Why? It’s because they assumed that somehow they’d get a “better” reading if it was in-person.

My phone session clients knew better. They enjoyed our sessions because, as I said, there was no rushing about, and the convenience could not be beaten. The readings were exactly the same – nothing changed except we were meeting over the phone, or they were receiving an email. It was still me, still the way I read after all these years – nothing was different about the experience.

For the folks who wanted in-person sessions, I had a handy list of referrals to local readers. I passed on that info and sent them on their way. Everybody wins!

I often wondered why more tarot peeps didn’t transition to phone or email. So many of them relied on in-person. Not just in their own offices but also in metaphysical shops, psychic fairs, and parties. But hey, it wasn’t my business, and perhaps they knew better. 

Except now, we have a pandemic raging. Life is changing moment by moment while the world tries to figure out how to get this under control. I have no doubt that we will conquer this – and emerge better equipped for the future. 

Businesses need to change to the new normal now. I’m watching many that relied on bodies in the door find smart ways to take care of their people. For example, yoga teachers are putting classes on the internet. My gym is offering virtual training. Restaurants are creating curbside pickup to feed hungry folks. We’re all needing to get nimble to navigate this uncertainty. Phone tarot readings are the way to go (email too!).

Interestingly, a few of the old clients who got mad when I moved over to phone sessions have circled back for a reading. Because they know that I’m still the same tarot reader, offering the same excellent service, and now I can take care of them even though they cannot leave their homes. 

For fellow tarot readers, astrologers, and the like, there is no better time than now to move your business online and to the phone. Many of us have – and this is making it easy for us to continue to serve our wonderful clients without putting them – or ourselves – in harm’s way. This is the way to go…for now. When things calm down, you can decide whether to return to the old way…or not. 

Until that time arrives, stay safe, work smart, and wash your hands.



© Theresa Reed | The Tarot Lady 2020

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