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by Theresa Reed on June 5, 2017

soul proprietor

I’m a voracious blogger. I have an urge to express ideas and writing seems to be the most natural way for me to do it. If you’re reading this blog right now, you’ll see that I currently blog about four times a week on average.

Blogging is great for SEO (search engine optimization). Sharing info brings more people to yours site so it makes good sense to have a blog on your business site. You don’t need to blog as often as I do to make an impact. If you only post once a week, it’s enough to get your audience’s (and Google’s) attention.

Even if you’re an old blog dawg, there are always tips and techniques to up your game. Here are three things that you can do with your blog today to pump up your jam and delight your readers:

  1. Start a series. A series is a great way to keep people following along. This could be a regular feature such as my Talkin’ Tarot interviews or a class that unfolds weekly or monthly such as my popular Star School astrology series. If people enjoy the series, they’ll keep on coming back!
  2. Speaking of interviews, they are fabulous. Here’s why: you’re introducing your audience to some interesting new people, which is great for your tribe – and the interviewee. It’s a win/win! Include regular interviews with industry superstars, new faces in your community, or intriguing folk that might be of interest to your audience.
  3. Do something unexpected like a mash-up. My Tarot by the Mouthful series is a great example. I partnered up with Wisconsin Foodie host Kyle Cherek for 78 weeks of tarot/foodie blogging culminating in an event that featured a six course tarot inspired dinner! It was popular, totally out of the box, and tons o’ fun. Resist doing the same old same old – shake things up with something outta left field.

These simple moves will freshen up even the stalest blog! Try these out and you’ll have a hot online spot that everyone will love to read.

Blog on,


PS not sure what to blog about? This epic post from Alexandra Franzen will get your inspiration flowing!

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