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What kind of business model should I have? Do I need a team or can I keep it a one-person show?

From time to time, I get asked these questions by newbie spiritual entrepreneurs.

My answer: it depends.

It depends on how you like to work. Are you a hands on-person? Do you enjoy dealing directly with clients? Or do you prefer a classic corporate scenario where you might handle the big things but turn over all the little details to a team?

For myself, a slick corporate hands-off approach doesn’t make sense for my punk rock roots.  I’m very DIY and I prefer to run my little empire like a lean, mean machine with minimal costs and help – and maximum service to my clients. They get me and only me –  and are never passed off to an assistant.

That may sound groovy to you – or it may not be your jam.

The only way to know what is right for you and your clients is by getting clear on how you like to work and in what capacity you can best serve ‘em.

You might want to study a few other businesses and see how they roll.  Do you like the way they work?  Or not so much?  Does a fancy “big” corporate business get you excited – or does it make you gag? Do you think mom ‘n pop gigs are awesome – or too quaint?  There are many varieties to suit every type of business owner.  What makes the most sense for you?

Every business model needs to be created to serve the proprietor and the clients well. Which means different things for different service providers.

Find what works and then, in the words of the ever wise Tim Gunn: “Make it work.”



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