Stars Crossed - How to Get Along with Leo

The Stars Crossed series focuses on astrological compatibility. While it’s way more complicated than just your Sun sign, we’re starting off with the Sun because it is an important part of your astrology profile. After all, it’s your core personality. 

This month, we look at Leo. Keep in mind, this will be general info. As we progress in this series, we’ll look at many other details so you can get the complete picture of the Leo in your life (or yourself). 

What to know about Leo:

Element: Fire
Quality: Fixed
Symbol: The Lion
Ruling Planet: The Sun
Key Phrase: I will.
Traits: generous, noble, passionate, stubborn, dramatic

Leos are the kings and queens of the zodiac. Never forget that. Chances are, they won’t let you. Plus, they’re pretty hard to ignore. They are ruled by the Sun, so the world revolves around them. But don’t get it twisted: they aren’t selfish. They are generous to a fault. In fact, they love having other players share the stage with them. Only when their egos get bruised will you see their less-than-noble side. Otherwise, they’re putting on a show, and we’re all along for the wild ride.

If you have a Leo in your life, you know they have big personalities. Everything they do is a production. When it comes to relationships, they never play small. Bold declarations of love, unwavering loyalty, and brave-hearted moves make their personal lives feel like a dramatic mini-series with a side of comedy. One thing is for sure: it’s never boring around Lions!

While it seems like they are playing the main stage character role, do know they deeply want to be loved and appreciated. They may seem boastful, but underneath all that bluster is a sensitive heart. Some of them secretly worry that they’re not lovable, so this is part of why they feel a need to put on an act. It’s essential to look past some of the louder parts in order to see the quiet longing to be respected and adored.

It’s not hard to love Leos. After all, they are fun to be around. They’ll pull out the red carpet for loved ones. And when it comes to entertainment, they can’t be beat. Leos are always up for adventures, so you can count on them for last-minute globe trotting or front-row tickets to the hottest events. Of course, they’ll show up in style and expect you to look glam, too.

Because they’re a Fixed sign, they can be stubborn. Change freaks them out unless they’re firmly seated on the iron throne. Remember: they’re royalty. They want to rule! They’re impossible to be around when they get hung up on control. Temper tantrums, huffing, and puffing – it becomes a massive showdown. When they are swishing about, you need to let them cool down. Then, explain how the change will benefit them. Better yet, let them think the new way is their idea. They’ll happily go along if they feel they created the shift.

Leos can be easily manipulated by flattery. This means they may make poor relationship decisions when someone is love-bombing them. Leos must learn the difference between sincere compliments and slick ego stroking. This will save them a lot of heartbreak. If they are being used, eventually, they will catch on. Once the stardust wears off and they realize what’s been happening, they are gone forever.

Lastly, some Leos can be horrible narcissists. If they are raised to think the Sun rises and sets for them, they’ll expect everyone else to do the same. Sadly, these types assume they’re charming because they’re too enamored with their own crapulence to realize the emperor isn’t wearing clothes – and everyone is laughing at them, not with them.

Romancing a Leo: If you want to win a big-hearted Leo over, it’s simple: compliments and generosity will snare the Lion. Do not be stingy. Lavish them with praise, show up with all the flowers and wine ‘n dine at the best restaurants you can afford. You’ll want to keep up your appearance because they want someone they can show off. Flashy clothes? Yep. If that’s not your jam, just try to not be a slob. These are dignified folks, so you also want to treat them well at all times. If you humiliate them in public, you’re done. Once you’ve won them over, you need to keep up the attention. Ignore them at your peril. They’re excellent lovers, so expect plenty of fire in the bedroom. One thing to know: some Leos are unapologetically promiscuous. They tend to have many admirers, so this isn’t surprising. However, when they get caught, they assume you’ll understand. After all, how can they say no to a legion of fans? Ugh.

Leo parents: Children fall under Leo’s realm, so parenting comes naturally to them. Like Lions, the pack is everything – and they will protect their cubs at all costs. The mother lion stereotype is real! Also: Leo remembers what it’s like to be a kid. Most of them have empathy for children’s issues. Sometimes they can be overindulgent, especially if they feel they didn’t get enough attention when they were young. They’ll vicariously live through the child like the proverbial stage mother while spoiling them rotten. Results: insufferable brats. There are also a few types who get jealous of their own offspring. When that happens, they’ll do what they can to turn the spotlight back on themselves. The narcissistic parent who manipulates their own flesh and blood – yep, Leo gone bad.

Leo children: Leo children are sunny and bright, just like their ruler, the Sun. They are quick to smile and love to entertain. Many of them learn to sing and dance at an early age. They may have other ways to get attention if that’s not their thing. They can be prone to temper tantrums, and when that happens, you need to let them work it out. If they sense it’s not working, they’ll stop and go back to being charming. They know they can win everyone over with a smile. Praise works wonders for little Lions. Give them extra high fives for good behavior, and they’ll keep it up. They’re also affectionate and never seem to tire of hugs. One thing to watch out for: they can be jealous if another baby enters the family. They need a lot of reassurance that their role as King or Queen of the house is safe. Once they learn the little brother or sister isn’t a threat to the crown, they’ll be a delightfully protective older sibling.

Leo bosses: Leo bosses seem to be two types: the benevolent king and the temperamental tyrant. If you work for the former, you’ll be treated like family once you’ve proven your loyalty. You’ll be rewarded handsomely if you’re great at your job. If you’re not, they’ll do their best to encourage you. However, if you’re unlucky enough to work for the latter, expect rage-fueled meetings, iron-fisted policies, and non-stop company drama. My advice: if your Leo boss is a despot, get the hell out of there.

Leo employees: Leos are great employees, provided you give them the right job. They love to be in a leadership role, so make sure you’re not sticking them in the back of the room. They make charming salespeople and can go far if you put them in that position. They’re loyal to a fault but won’t play the fall guy if the company goes down. If that happens, it’s every Lion for themselves. Don’t take them for granted, and never, ever dress them down in front of other employees. If you need to reprimand them, do it behind closed doors.

Leo friends: Leos are wonderful friends. They’re honest, trustworthy, and steadfast companions. They’re also FUN. You can count on a Leo to know all the hottest clubs and the beautiful people. They know how to boogie down and throw down. Everyone is an excellent host, so if you attend one of their parties, expect the royal treatment. They expect 100% loyalty from their pals. If you ever stab them in the back, out you go, never to return. Count yourself lucky if you have a Lion in your posse…they rule!

I hope you enjoy this peek into dramatic, creative Leo Suns. Next up: Virgo Suns.



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