Stars Crossed - How to Get Along with Libra

The Stars Crossed series focuses on astrological compatibility. While it’s way more complicated than just your Sun sign, we’re starting off with the Sun because it is an important part of your astrology profile. After all, it’s your core personality. 

This month, we look at Libra. Keep in mind this will be general info. As we progress in this series, we’ll look at many other details so you can get the complete picture of the Libra in your life (or yourself).

What to know about Libra:

Element: Air
Quality: Cardinal
Symbol: The Scales
Ruling Planet: Venus
Key Phrase: I balance.
Traits: creative, fair, desires justice, beautiful, indecisive

Relationships fall under Libra’s realm. This means those born under the sign of the Scales love to be partnered. It’s even been said they “love being in love” and cannot stand to be alone. There may be a bit of truth in that. However, that doesn’t mean they are desperate. Far from it. Because they are ruled by Venus, Libras naturally draw people into their orbit. Not just for romantic purposes, mind you. They attract folks for many types of relationships – business, friendship, and other collaborations. After all, it’s better together, right? That’s what Libras think.

If you have one of these lovely souls in your life, they are delightful partners. Fairness is important to them, so they’ll never take more than they give. They’ll always ensure everyone gets an equal piece of the peanut butter pie. Injustice makes their blood boil. They’re the first ones to stand up and speak out when there is wrongdoing. It’s good to have one by your side if you’ve been wronged.

Because they are an Air sign, they have fine minds. They adore mentally stimulating activities such as traveling, attending concerts in the park, reading current events, and visiting museums. Like fellow Air sign Gemini, they are easily bored, so it’s best to keep things interesting if you want them to stick around. 

Libras have refined demeanors, so bad manners are a no-no. Save your burping and farting when they’re not around if you want to risk offending them. Common courtesy goes a long way, so be on your best behavior as much as possible when you are around them.

They can be people pleasers. When that happens, they lose sight of their own needs. This can cause them to bend over backward until resentment sets in. It’s crucial for Libras to be honest about what they want rather than expecting loved ones to be mind readers. If you sense your Libra is forgoing their own needs, ask them what they want. They may be flustered at first, but this will win their hearts (and teach them to be better communicators). 

Peace and harmony are important to Libras, yet ironically, they seem to attract a fair amount of drama. Sometimes they stir the pot, too. In fact, many of them will slyly admit they enjoy arguing. This gives them an opportunity to show off their fierce debating skills. Is it any wonder so many of them are excellent attorneys?

The shadow side of Libra is passive-aggressiveness. There is no one better at playing mind games than those born under the sign of the Scales. They’ll have no problem putting a knife in your back while smiling sweetly to your face. If you call them on their skullduggery, they’ll play the victim or “who me?” with phony wild-eyed innocence. These tricky types probably invented gaslighting. 

Romancing a Libra: Always remember that Libra is Venusian in nature – which means they want elegance. Beautiful gifts, tickets to the best clubs, seats at posh restaurants, and plenty of pampering make their hearts go padam padam. Courtesy is also a prerequisite if you want to date a Libra. Show that you care about their needs, and don’t forget etiquette is their turn-on. That doesn’t mean they are prudes. Instead, Libras are the classic “lady/gentleman on the streets and freak in the sheets.” But if you’re not a class act, you don’t get access to their dirty side. Libras also want a showpiece on their arms, so be sure to clean up right if you’re out in public. (Slob kabobs, don’t bother applying for the arm candy role.) Lastly, they may put up with stupid if you look good – but that only goes so far. They need smart partners, so wise up. If they tire of your schtick, they always have a string of admirers waiting for the chance to get in their good graces.

Libra parents: Libra parents are concerned with fairness. This means every child will be treated the same. They don’t play favorites. They’re also fierce advocates for their children. For example, if they learn their youngster is being bullied, they will have no rest until there is proper justice. They expect their kids to be well-behaved, so rules will be in place. That old “children should be seen, not heard” was probably written by a Libra back in the day. Libras also want their children to have the best of everything, which means they’ll do what they can to provide well, even if their means are modest. In some cases, they can be overindulgent or may assume their kids can “do no wrong.” These situations result in spoiled brats, something they hate. Libra parents of adult children can be terrible guilt-trippers. If you have a Libra parent, you may need to set strong boundaries with them or risk being at their beck and call. Ew.

Libra children: If you have a Libra child, lucky you. They are charming, kind, and sweet as can be. They’re usually beautiful and artistic as well. This means they are a delight. Generally, they like to make their parents happy. When you couple this with their need for peace, this can lead to people pleasing. While it may seem like your child is compliant, they might be hiding their real feelings underneath those dazzling smiles. If you can teach your Libra kid to be honest about their needs, they’ll grow to be balanced adults. They also need to learn assertiveness. Otherwise, they risk becoming followers. Teach them about boundaries, and they’ll be less likely to be a doormat. Libra children play well with others, so they are usually popular. Expect your home to be the hub of social activity if you have one of these friendly youngsters in your life.

Libra bosses: Libras make great bosses. For one, they are fair. If there is workplace drama, they’ll listen to both sides before making a judgment. They also reward good employees, so if you’re kicking ass, they will help you climb the company ladder. Libras also like teamwork. If you are able to work well with others, they’ll be thrilled. Sometimes they can be indecisive. When they are in that mode, critical decisions could be on hold far longer than necessary. For some Libras bosses, the desire to keep the peace can cause them to put up with bullshit behavior. Once they’ve had enough, heads roll without a second thought.

Libra employees: Libras are team players, so be sure they are in a position where they can interact with others. Managing a group of people or human resources = perfect. Sitting alone in an office with zero interaction? Nope. Open office arrangements where they can flit about fit their social nature well. However, they can also be manipulative office troublemakers. For example, they might triangulate relationships with coworkers or play passive-aggressive power games. If you see that going on, nip that in the bud or risk a toxic work environment.

Libra friends:  If you enjoy lots of social activities with a fun person, you’ll adore Libra pals. They have great taste and seem to be on every guest list, which means you’ll be out and about at the hippest joints. Libras are excellent listeners. If you have a problem, they’ll lean in and soak up every word. Then they’ll deliver objective advice (they love fixing things). Because they love being in love, they’ll have plenty of romantic advice – and they might try to hook you up with their hot friend if you’re single (they seem to know everyone). From time to time, they get tired. When that happens, they may take a break from social obligations. Don’t take this personally. Once they refuel their delicate batteries, they’re ready to go out with a fresh list of what’s cool. One tip: never put them in the middle of drama with other friends. Sort that out without their input. Remember, they want harmony. Discord in their social circle is a big NOPE.

I hope you enjoy this peek into sweet-natured Libras. Next up: Scorpio Suns.



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