Super Blue Blood Moon Eclipse - and Tarot Readings for Each Zodiac Sign

Tomorrow the cosmos will be lit up with a Lunar Eclipse in Leo. It’s not just a Lunar Eclipse though – it’s also a Supermoon and a Blue Moon! In other words, it’s a Super Blue Blood Moon Eclipse, which means the energy is powerful as can be.

The Lunar Eclipse will occur at 11º Leo. Eclipses bring change. They shake things up so we can evolve. If something needs to go, you can be sure that it will. Major news can happen at this time so do pay attention to announcements (both yours and on the world’s stage) for the news could indicate a breakthrough..or a breakdown. Something important could be coming to an end – or a new beginning may be ready to emerge.

Because this is a Lunar Eclipse, the energy will be emotional. This could bring a bit of drama to the day or the days that surround it. Things could be revealed so do keep an eye out for something coming to the surface…something you may need to see but perhaps have been ignoring or hoping it’s not going to manifest. People’s true colors, feelings, and motives often come out around an eclipse. This truth could be the catalyst needed to get things moving in the right direction.

Take care of yourself during the eclipse and the days that follow. Nourish your body, rest up, try not to push matters. Above all, remain open to what omens may arise and be ready to let go and prepare for a fresh new cycle.

Because of the connection to Leo, this is a strong day for examining the way you express yourself to the world. Are you being your authentic self? Are you stepping into the spotlight where you belong? Or are you hiding in the shadows, jacked-up on fear and the imposter syndrome? It’s time to shed those fears, darling, and get ready to become the King or Queen of your own jungle. Step into your bigness and let the world see you in all of your glory.

And here’s some mini Super Blue Blood Moon Eclipse Tarot Readings for each sign of the zodiac using the adorable Crystal Unicorn Tarot!

Super Blue Blood Moon Eclipse - and Tarot Readings for Each Zodiac Sign

Aries: Queen of Wands: You are made of creative power. Today, examine where your power lies and then make a vow that from this day forward, you will not shy away from standing confidently in a position of leadership. Let go of your insecurities and trust that you were born to command and create!

Taurus: King of Swords: If you are clinging to old thoughts that no longer align with the person you’d like to be, release them. Cut that negative thinking out of your life. Look ahead to the bigger picture. What do you want? Focus on the things that put butterflies in your stomach and then proceed with curiosity + bravery.

Gemini: The Fool: Fresh start alert! Now you can put that old baggage behind you once and for all. This is your cue for a new beginning. Don’t carry anything forward that isn’t useful. Instead, travel light – and take risks. Do not be afraid of looking silly. Take the leap of faith and trust the Universe.

Cancer: Six of Pentacles: You’re always busy taking care of everyone else. But how are you taking care of yourself? Are you getting as well as you give? This is your green light to put your needs on an equal par with all the other people in your life. Even the scales by setting boundaries and letting people know that your needs are important too.

Leo: Five of Pentacles: Proud Leo, this Moon is going to hit you directly. Which means you may want to consider asking for help if there is something in your life that is dragging you down. What or whom needs to go? Seeks some support around this – and then drop that heavyweight so that you can rise to your full potential. If you continue to hang on to the things or people you’ve outgrown, your journey ahead will be tougher than it needs to be. This day is also excellent for making a change in your finances. Whether you start a new job, invest smarter, or finally accept help into your life, a change today could have lovely consequences down the road.

Virgo: Five of Cups: The quickest way to heal is to forgive the past. No matter what happened, it does you no good to wallow in spilled milk. Grieve if you must, but don’t get hung up there. Instead, forgive and move on. There is a whole new life waiting for you but you won’t see it if you only focus on the past.

Libra: Four of Swords: Relax. Chill the hell out. There is no need to push yourself. Take as much time as you can today to meditate on the future you want. Bury the hatchet with someone if you need to but above all, make this day yours for deep relaxation and contemplation.

Scorpio: King of Wands: Your fire is burning brightly at this time so don’t hide that light under a bushel basket. This day is alchemy for those Scorpios who are ready to step into a more public role. Own the stage. Toot your horn. Spread kind, inspiring words wherever you go. Be the source of light that others so sorely need to see right now.

Sagittarius: Page of Cups – Good new comes today! This could be a fresh romantic interest, a new creative project, engagement, pregnancy, or some other announcement that could change things in a sweet way. This loving card says SURPRISE! Something good is on the way.

Capricorn: The Moon – Emotions will be strong all day. Yours in particular. Take good care of yourself and feel free to disengage from drama (even your own). Instead, use this day for dreaming about the future, creating art, and meditation. If you feel upset, clear the air but don’t keep going on and on about it. Let go and let the Universe sort out that emotional stuff.

Aquarius: Page of Pentacles – You’ve got some great news coming your way today. This could be a new job, financial opportunity, or news about a money situation. Things might be changing into a more profitable direction for you! Get ready to up your game, pay off a debt, and fill that wallet with the green stuff. Psst…if you have an idea for a side hustle, start it now.

Pisces: Seven of Pentacles – You’ve worked your butt off and now it’s time to kick back and examine your efforts. Are they bringing in rewards equal to the effort expended? If not, where do you need to work smarter, not harder? Look at where you can weed out the activities that are not paying off. Seek efficiency and you could be moving your career into a better financial picture.



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