Talkin’ Tarot With is a monthly feature designed to introduce my readers to different tarot readers from our wonderfully diverse community!  Each month, I’ll be asking various tarot readers three questions about their tarot philosophy and style, plus pointing you to their websites and blogs so that you can learn more about them!  I like to hand pick tarot readers that I feel are talented and interesting.

Talkin' Tarot with Kimberly Cooley

I love spotting new tarot talent! (Psst…I have a great eye.) One person who got on my radar recently is Kimberly Cooley of Abundant Life Tarot. She has been reading for a while and recently made the jump into full-time tarot pro.

Kimberly has been interested in the sacred arts since early childhood. “My maternal grandmother Ella Mae inspired me to not be afraid of my spiritual gifts. Ella lived in rural Mississippi and I would visit her often as a child. She told me that my mother had the gift to see people or animals who had passed away. Apparently, my mother was born with a “veil” or en caul over her face, which to the family meant she held special powers. She informed me that I, too, had powerful gifts.” She also shared this with me: “As a child, my family would take cross country road trips from California to Mississippi and I would collect postcards from the states we crossed each summer. As a girl and teenager, my card collection became an oracle for me and I would get lost in the images, using them as inspiration for telling stories to friends and loved ones. I used playing cards for divinatory purposes, too, and friends would often ask me to answer their questions on their love life.” As you can see, the cards were calling her to step into this work for years!

Although Kimberly had been working with the tarot for some time, she got serious when her son was involved in an accident and spent a month in the ICU. She began doing readings for the nurses taking care of her son – and this was the beginning of her career.

Now she’s offering readings for the general public at her site, Abundant Life Tarot. Kimberly says: “I help others reach the goal of living a co-create-with-the-Universe kind of life. When you work with me, you get a partner in success in creating your best abundant flow in all areas of your life.” You might want to get in her world soon because I have a feeling her business is about to get way more abundant.


Kimberly Cooley is a Northern Californian Tarot reader, who recently began an ex-pat life in the Dominican Republic. She’s the owner of the online company, Abundant Life Tarot, and a Tarot content creator. Her YouTube channel, Abundant Life Tarot, highlights her diverse card collection and her tips on how to read Tarot and Oracle cards. She aims to be a kind and authentic voice in the Tarot Community. 

Kim created a free, online course called Choosing Your Next Deck and Curating Your Collection. She also offers consulting and mentorship opportunities for Tarot readers.

Instagram: @AbundantLifeTarot
Facebook: @AbundantLifeTarot
Etsy: AbundantLifeShop 


Check out Kimberly’s answers to my questions below:


Q: What is your philosophy about tarot reading?

Kimberly: I do read cards to predict future outcomes and I may predict timing in readings. There are a myriad of variables that can affect future outcomes, such as the free will of others intervening or a seeker’s own change of course. These influences affect the outcome of a situation and that subtle or not-so-subtle energetic change will reflect in the cards. I’m like an energetic forecaster, sensing the vibrational energies surrounding a person or situation. Can the wind change a storm’s course? Yes. Can a person change their mind and move in a new direction? Yes. All of that can potentially affect future outcomes.

I exclusively use “jumping” cards. This means I only read with cards that “jump” out of the deck as I shuffle. I feel this is Spirit plucking the cards out for the reading and the messages are always on point when I use this method of card selection.

Q: How do you feel a client might get the most out of a reading with you?

Kimberly: My clients appreciate my easygoing, open, and loving approach to my reading delivery. It is easy for them to share what they’re going through and my knowledge of cards and experience in reading for others allows me to give answers they can understand and that resonates deep in their soul. I deliver readings and offer not only insights about the past, present, and future, but also offer a blueprint with the cards on how to move towards a place of empowerment and growth. I specialize in relationships, life purpose, and attracting abundance readings.

I always say that my reading table is a judgment-free zone. My clients ask the questions they may be too ashamed to ask friends and family. That said, I will still be honest and forthright – no sugarcoating.

Q: What is your best piece of advice for an aspiring tarot reader?

Kimberly: For those aspiring tarot readers – begin to offer readings for people other than close friends and relatives – it’s okay to start with loved ones, but if your aim is to go professional, it is important to branch out to other people. When you begin to feel energetically tired of offering free readings, it is likely a signal that it is time to begin charging for them. Don’t feel like you have to give 100s of free readings before you begin charging for your services. Take that next step, Dear One – don’t let fear hold you back.


I hope you enjoyed getting to know Kimberly. You can learn more about her and purchase a session or study with her right here.


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image from Kimberly Cooley

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