Talking Shop with Theresa and Bri - A podcast for metaphysical pros, tarotpreneurs, and sacred artists.

Sacred artists and mystical entrepreneurs know that business isn’t always a smooth ride. 

They also know that spiritual tools can help navigate through the stormiest business weather. 

Tools such as astrology and tarot. Yes, these metaphysical tools are quite useful for business folk. In fact, you might be surprised to know how many CEOs turn to these things when they are having trouble seeing the forest through the business trees.

Astrology and tarot work!

We know because we use ‘em all the time for our clients…and our own businesses.

We’ve shared our secrets on using astrology for your business – now we’re pulling back the curtains and revealing how we use tarot for business.


In this power hour, we’ll discuss:

What tarot is all about – and how to get started even if you’re a tarot virgin!

Different ways to use tarot for business

How to use tarot for timing business events

Good questions to ask the tarot for your biz

When to work with a pro

If you’ve ready to take tarot for a business spin, tune in!


Listen in + learn:

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