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Do you move through your business year after year without reviewing what’s working…or not? If so, this is a recipe for disaster.

A solid business needs a mindful approach. You need to do a business review. This begins with regular check-ins. Not only yearly but also monthly, weekly, and daily.

Business audits lead to a leaner, meaner machine. Why? It’s because you can see where to invest your time and money rather than just going through the motions and hoping something works. 

In this free telejam, Theresa and Bri chat about how they audit their businesses – and plan wisely using that information. If you want to know what it takes to run a successful metaphysical biz, this episode will help you create divine order and goals that work!


In this power hour, we’ll discuss:

Why regular check-ins are smart business

What to consider when doing a yearly, weekly, and monthly business review

How to set goals that work

What to do when your goals don’t manifest

The best laid yearly plans

Which business practices are going to be hot – or not – in 2019

And more!

If you’re looking to create a focused, mindful biz plan, don’t miss this one!


Listen in + learn:

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