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This year, we’re doing something completely different: we’ll be focusing on using astrology for your business. Why? It’s because we both follow the stars closely and have learned that when we do, our timing seems to better. Knowing how to navigate the cosmos can help you align your goals with the best energy for success – and avoid drama. 

2020 started off with an astrological bang. Saturn and Pluto were conjunct on January 12th, something that only occurs every thirty-four years. This rare aspect is in Capricorn, astrology’s CEO sign. 

So what does that mean for entrepreneurs?

How might you lean into this energy – or should you err on the side of ultra-caution? 

What the heck is a conjunction anyways?

Relax – we’ve got you!

In the latest Talking Shop, we’re talking about 2020’s Saturn Pluto conjunction and how to rock it! 

In this power hour, we’ll discuss:

  • What you need to know about conjunctions
  • How Saturn and Pluto fare in Capricorn
  • Earth signs and money
  • Practical things you can do to max this aspect out for your biz
  • The bigger picture – trends in business and the world for 2020
  • And more!

If you’re ready to add astrology to your biz planning, we’re giving you the dirt. Listen in:

Listen in + learn:


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