Tarot Advice - Guidance in Every Card

Tarot isn’t just for divination – it can also be a wonderful tool for guidance.  In this series, we’ll explore the advice options for every card.

With a Tarot deck by your side, you can make clear decisions, deal with challenges confidently, and find alternate routes when necessary.  The result? The best possible guidance for the future you want. 

Join me every Friday for a new installment – and get ready to add some helpful advice + loving support to your Tarot readings.

Tarot Advice - Guidance in Every Card: The Emperor. Tarot card meanings.

This week: The Emperor

The Emperor indicates that a serious, disciplined attitude is needed at this time. Take command of the situation. Assume the role of the leader. Make pragmatic choices that favor security and stability.

This card favors responsibility – whether the question is about work, family, or even self improvement, be ready to take on more responsibility at this time.

The Emperor symbolizes fatherhood  – if you are asking a question about parenting, you’ll want to adapt the Emperor’s protective nature.  Take care of your family by providing a stable structure for them. Defend your turf and erect boundaries to protect your family or belongings.

This card is also associated with building structures: both physical (home, roads) and non-physical (rules, governing bodies, family, marriage, community).  What is your vision? What do you want to build?  Set your vision and prepare to lay the groundwork and build your structures.

This stern card can also symbolize “control” and “power” – a situation may require you to take control or make a power play.  (Ex: taking over a project at work because the person doing the job is incompetent; taking control of your drinking issue; rising to the top dog position at work by out performing your manager; a merger with a lesser performing company.)

The Emperor reversed:

Have you lost control or given your power away to someone else?  Look for ways that you can get your power back.  Stand up and be strong.  Confront the powers that be.

If, however, you’ve been abusing your power, this reversal suggests you start examining why you’ve been taking that route. Soften your approach.  Stop trying to control everything and everyone.  Let others take the lead.  Tyrant or dictator mode is eventually going to lead to a downfall.

This card can be a sign that you’ve become sloppy in your workmanship.  If you’ve been slacking or dropping the ball, it’s time to change course or face ruin.

The Emperor reversed can be the deadbeat dad – are you neglecting your family?  If so, it’s never to late to fix things.  Man up and take responsibility.

Questions to ponder:

Where do you need to be more responsible or disciplined?  What is your bigger visions and what are you willing to do to achieve it?  In what ways can you be a leader?  What does power mean to you?



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