Tarot and Self-Care

Eclipses. Mercury retrograde. Tough aspects. This last month has been an astrological shit show. It’s left everyone feeling some type of way.

It’s also brought out a ton of negative energy into the collective. Turn on the news and it won’t take long before you’re in a gloomy frame of mind too. If you’re empathic, you might find yourself feeling depleted. I know I have been more drained than usual. Spacey too. Which means I’ve had to up my self-care routines in order to cope.

During rough times (not just astrological), self-care becomes crucial. You need to put your self first as much as you can.

Here are a few ways to take excellent care of yourself when life feels overwhelming:

:: Rest. Take naps if you can. Get to bed early. Never skimp on your sleep when things are dicey.

:: Don’t push yourself. Dial things back as much as you can.

:: Stay hydrated. This may be simple but I know so many people who don’t drink enough water. Dehydration is common. Drink plenty of fluids, especially water.

:: Listen to uplifting music. Hey, I like my moody goth music but when I’m in a funk, it’s time to blast the hip-hop and feel-good music. 

:: Emotional Freedom Technique aka EFT or Tapping. This practice involves tapping on meridian points and stating affirmations. (Gala Darling’s High Vibe Honey series is excellent.)

:: Journal. I love to journal. Writing about my day, struggles, or feelings always pulls me back to center.

:: Surround yourself with loving support. This is critical. It’s easy to go into hermit mode when the world feels like too much. I have found that this tends to exacerbate the problem. Instead, ask for help. Let your loved ones know that you need them. If you do not have a support system in place, try one of these resources:

Crisis Text Line https://crisistextline.org/

Send a text anytime, 24/7, and a trained counselor will listen to you and reply. Totally free. Text and get support if you’re struggling with anxiety, depression, suicidal thoughts, or any type of emotional crisis.

Suicide Prevention Lifeline https://suicidepreventionlifeline.org/ or 1.800.273.8255
Call and get help anytime, 24/7, and a volunteer will listen and help you settle your nervous system and bring you back to a calmer place where you can think clearly.

TalkSpace https://talkspace.com/
Text and chat with a licensed therapist. Professional therapy that’s affordable and convenient. You don’t have to get dressed, drive across town, and find parking. A real therapist… right in your phone!

7Cups https://www.7cups.com
The world’s largest emotional support system. Connect to caring listeners for free emotional support. They also can connect you to licensed therapists.

Tarot and Self-Care

Tarot can be a wonderful tool for self-care. I like to use it to check-in with myself, especially when life isn’t going the way that I want. This inquiry helps me to see what I need so I can be sure to give myself as much care as possible, where it’s most needed.

On my last Tarot Bytes podcast episode, I mentioned a tarot spread I like to do to check in with myself: The Body, Mind, Spirit. A few folks wanted a visual so I created this post for those people who want to see the spread in action. Here is the layout:

Tarot and Self-Care

I did the spread this morning and here’s what I got:

Tarot and Self-Care

Body: The Star – This is a sign of good health and healing. Interestingly, I have been having a lot of back problems as of late. I realized that long hours sitting on my office chair were screwing me up. I got rid of it and replaced it with an old hard wooden chair – and a fancy ergonomic cushion. Problem solved! I feel GREAT.

Mind: Nine of Cups – I had a lovely birthday dinner with my daughter last night – and I’ve got a full day for writing. Better yet, my husband is camping, which means I have no distractions! So yeah, I’m happy as the dude in that card.

Spirit: The Fool – I am about to embark on a mini book tour with my co-author Shaheen Miro. We’ve been working together for some time and our book is the culmination of that effort. This has been a spiritual journey for me because I’ve learned so much from him. I’m excited for the weekend and the adventure that awaits!

As you can see, at the moment I’m doing pretty good. That doesn’t mean that I get to gloss over the self-care. I’m about to work out and take a long walk this morning. That will be followed by some kitty snuggles and a healthy lunch before I get down to business. Because I know that even when I’m seemingly doing well, my self-care routines stack the odds in my favor and keep me in good condition for the work I need to do in this world.

You can find the Body, Mind, Spirit spread and more in my new book, Tarot For Troubled Times. It’s a book about tarot and self-care, birth cards, shadow work, ritual, magic, social activism, and most of all, courage. Because we all need to be brave now and always.



© Theresa Reed | The Tarot Lady 2019

Ps Here is another tarot and self-care practice from Light Magic for Dark Times by Lisa Marie Basile.

Astrology and self-care

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