Tarot Bytes Episode 120: Tarot Games with Cardsy B

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Episode 120: Tarot Games with Cardsy B

What’s the best way to learn how to read tarot? Lots and lots of practice. Fear not – it’s not all hitting the tarot books! There are lots of fun ways to up your skills. In this episode of Tarot Bytes, I’m joined by Cardsy B, the creator of the Badass Bitches Tarot, for some tarot games. Cardsy B shares her favorite playful ways to learn tarot. These games are so much fun you might forget you’re actually learning something!

About Cardsy B:

Tarot Bytes Episode 120: Tarot Games with Cardsy BRebecca “Bex” Szymczak aka Cardsy B is a New York City-based tarot reader and fashion designer. Bex picked up her first deck of tarot cards at age eleven. After abandoning them to fit in with the cool kids in high school she eventually worked her way up the fashion industry by designing for DKNY, NIKE, and served as Creative Director/VP of Design for Playboy. After experiencing several traumatic losses in a period of five years, (Saturn return back to back with Saturn in her sun sign!) she returned to her cards and pulled herself out of a pretty tragic Millennial meltdown using Tarot as a healing tool.

To help herself dive even deeper into the cards, Bex began illustrating her own deck by hand and thus Badass Bitches Tarot was born. In order to offer an accessible and fun intro into the world of Tarot, she launched a podcast of the same name and decided to publish her deck.

Visit her online:

Website: Badass Bitches Tarot

Instagram: Cardsy B


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