Tarot Bytes Episode 142: Tarot and Numerology with Pleasant Gehman

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Episode 142: Tarot and Numerology with Pleasant Gehman

Wondering what role the numbers play in tarot? Pleasant Gehman joins me to talk about tarot and numerology. Even if you’re not a math fan (we weren’t back in the day!), you’ll see that the numbers hold significant meaning – and an understanding of numerology will help you deepen your knowledge of the cards. Pleasant shares great tips including her method for adding up all the numbers in a reading. You’ll definitely want to try this technique – it will blow your mind!

About Pleasant:

Pleasant Gehman has had a life-long love affair with metaphysics and the occult.  At the age of thirteen, she got her first Tarot deck, immediately started reading for her junior high friends, and never looked back. Her intuitive readings have been called “astonishing” and “amazingly accurate.” Her intuitive gifts, gentle demeanor, broad life experience, and clear counsel have made her a sought after psychic reader with clients all over the globe.

A naturally gifted energy healer, Pleasant was born with the ability to sense and soothe physical injuries, emotional trauma and bodily discomfort in humans and animals, as well as to calm and release her clients’ stress.

Pleasant is a spirit magnet and has been a serious paranormal investigator since 2009, hunting ghosts in locations ranging from private homes, theaters, hotels and churches to amusement parks and abandoned buildings all over North America. She’s lead three private ghost tour/investigations with groups of 45-60 people on board the RMS Queen Mary, reputedly one of America’s most haunted locations.

Pleasant and sister witch Crystal Ravenwolf founded The Divination Nation in 2015 to teach metaphysical workshops, conduct paranormal investigations, house cleansings, and to launch their popular self-titled blog. Their first book, Walking the Tarot Path will be published in 2019.

Since 2017, Pleasant and Shana Leilani have co-produced the acclaimed Belle, Book, and Candle, an occult-themed burlesque show running on the third Wednesday of each month in the historic-and very haunted- El Cid Theater in Los Angeles.

Pleasant offers Tarot readings and energy healings at The Green Man Store in LA’s San Fernando Valley, where she also regularly teaches metaphysical classes.

She lives in the Hollywood Hills with four extremely naughty cats.

Website: www.pleasantgehman.com/tarot.html 







 Instagram: @princessofhollywood  

Twitter: @pleasantgehman and @tarotalimah

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Photo of Pleasant from Maharet Hughes/ Graphic Vibe.



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