Tarot Bytes Episode 188: Astrology, Tarot and Journaling as Self-Care with Gabriela Herstik

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Episode 188: Astrology, Tarot, and Journaling as Self-Care with Gabriela Herstik

Keeping a journal is one of the best practices for self-care. In this episode of Tarot Bytes, Gabriela Herstik teaches how to add astrology and tarot to your journaling. Learn how Gaby blends these sacred arts into her own practice – and how you can add them to yours. (Psst…Gabriela’s new Embody Your Magick journal is a fab place to start!)

Side note: I’ve been journaling for years but never thought to add the moon phases to my writings and ramblings. Even though I look at the planets every single day, why didn’t I consider doing this? I’m so glad that Gabriela mentioned this. I’ve started adding those lunar cycles to my pages and it’s helping me to keep track of how my writing is impacted by what’s happening in the cosmos!

About Gabriela:

Tarot Bytes Episode 188: Astrology, Tarot and Journaling as Self-Care with Gabriela HerstikGabriela Herstik is the author of Inner WitchBewitching the Elementsand Embody Your Magick and the columnist behind the High Priestess column in High Times magazine.

Her writing has appeared on sites such as Vogue, Allure, Broadly, i-D, Dazed Beauty, NYLON, and others. Originally from Atlanta, she lives and works in Los Angeles.



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