Tarot Bytes Episode 194 - Facial Expressions in the Tarot Cards

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Episode 194 – Facial Expressions in the Tarot Cards

In past episodes, we’ve looked at postures, gestures, and even the hands to glean information about the tarot cards. What about the faces on the figures? What do they reveal? A lot…and not a lot. Here’s the deal: some cards have obvious associations with different emotions while others are rather neutral, leaving the reader to interpret what the figure might be feeling or conveying. Look at the smirk on the Five of Swords – that tells you there is something shady going on. But the inscrutable face of the Queen of Wands leaves your imagination to do the work. Different decks also have images that could give whole new interpretations based on the artist’s rendering. I’ll talk about all of this in the latest episode.

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