Tarot Bytes Episode 199: Reading Tarot In Layers with Jenna Matlin

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Episode 199: Reading Tarot In Layers with Jenna Matlin

Do you tend to read the cards in the order of the spread? For example, does a Past, Present, Future reading need to be read that way – or is there a deeper, more intuitive method? Jenna Matlin joins me today to teach how she “pivots the table” and squeezes as much meaning as possible by passing back and forth over the cards. Intuitive hits and critical inquiry provide new details that might be missed if you simply read the positional meanings in a spread. She describes this as creating a “layer cake of meaning,” a three-dimensional reading that goes further and provides more detail.

Jenna’s approach will get you spinning the spread in new directions – and igniting your intuition like never before!

About Jenna:

Tarot Bytes Episode 199: Reading Tarot In Layers with Jenna MatlinJenna Matlin, M.S., has been a full-time tarot practitioner since 2012. Jenna was awarded Best of Philly, ‘Spiritual Guru’ by Philadelphia Magazine in 2019 as well as Tarosophist of the Year, 2016 by the Tarot Association.

Jenna is the author of two books: Have Tarot Will Party and Have Tarot Will Travel, and presents at conferences such as Reader’s Studio, the Southeast Tarot Conclave, Northwest Tarot Symposium, and Tarot Con. When Jenna is not reading tarot, coaching other tarot professionals, or writing she can be found in the woods. ‘Hedge Witch’ would certainly describe Jenna and her cats agree. To find out more: www.jennamatlin.com

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