Tarot Bytes Episode 62: Ten of Swords

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Episode 62: Ten of Swords

The Ten of Swords often scares the pants off people – especially in certain decks. For example, one of my clients referred to the version in the Ten of Swords as the “Pinhead” card. As in: the Pinhead character from Hellraiser! Needless to say, I had to stop using that deck.

Because here’s the deal: even though the image is a bit frightening with all those swords in the back as in the Rider Waite Smith deck, there is also wisdom and hope in this card. We’ll dive into those symbols and find the good in a card that seems to indicate ruin.

Psst…here’s Pinhead in case you weren’t familiar with him:


And here’s the Ten of Swords from the Cosmic Tarot:

Ten of Swords - Cosmic Tarot Deck

Nothing to be scared off, right?

Grab your favorite deck, put in your earbuds, and dive in!



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