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Curious about all the different tarot spreads out there? Wondering if they’re a keeper – or a lemon? Me too. Let’s take them for a test drive and find out!

Each month, I’ll pick an interesting tarot spread (from a book or around the web) – and give it a spin. I’ll look under the hood, kick the tires – and show you exactly how it works…or doesn’t. No haggling necessary. Ready to roll? Let’s go!

This month’s tarot spread: Daily Tarot Girl’s Embrace Change Tarot Spread

I’ve been in the process of making some changes in my business recently. Actually, it’s been an ongoing thing since the beginning of the year. Some changes are happening behind the scenes (new offerings coming next month!), others more out in the open (eliminating email readings).

Although I’m a Gemini, the supposed lover of change, whenever I shift things around with my business, I get a bit nervous. What if I’m doing the wrong thing? What if this impacts my biz in a negative way? What if people get pissed?

Even though my business instincts are generally proven right, like most folk, I still get those moments. It was time for a little tarot introspection.

I stumbled across this spread from Daily Tarot Girl and decided to try it out.

Here are the positions:

  1. Action to ease transition
  2. Support
  3. What you will gain from this change
  4. What you need to let go of
  5. Higher GuidanceTarot Spread Test Drive - Daily Tarot Girl's Embrace Change Tarot spread

Here are the cards I chose:

  1. Action to ease transition: Strength
  2. Support: World
  3. What you will gain from this change: Empress
  4. What you need to let go of: King of Cups
  5. Higher Guidance: Seven of Cups

Here are the cards I chose: Action to ease transition: Strength Support: World What you will gain from this change: Empress What you need to let go of: King of Cups Higher Guidance: Seven of Cups


My interpretation:

My question was about the changes I’m making in my business. Here are the notes I jotted down in my tarot journal:

  1. Action to ease transition: Strength. Transition isn’t always a smooth ride. I know that. The Strength card tells me: “you’ve got this, lady!” Trusting my self at this time is what I need to do. After all, I’ve had other major changes and challenges in my life. I’ve survived that shit. I’m strong like that. If I rely on my experience and willpower, I will move through these changes with grace.
  2. Support: World. I’ve got a whole bunch of people willing to support me at this time. Heck, the world has my back! And it’s true. My friends behind the scenes (you know who you are!) have given me a ton of support. If they have confidence in me, I should too.
  3. What you will gain from this change: Empress. Large and in charge! HELL YEAH. By making these changes, I stand to gain a lot. Abundance, creativity, ruling over my realm – I’ll take it! This transition period will put me in control faster than you can say Khaleesi.
  4. What you need to let go of: King of Cups. Ah yes…the emotional part. I need to be more objective and not so attached to the outcome. If I can trust the journey without getting my knickers in a twist every time I hit a speed bump, I can learn to ride the wave calmly.
  5. Higher Guidance: Seven of Cups. The Seven of Cups is a reminder that I have unlimited options – and there are more changes to explore. In fact, the only thing that is unchanging now is change. Once this transition is behind me, another one looms.  Best to view my business as an ever-evolving entity with many opportunities. The Universe is unlimited so why hang on to the shit I’ve outgrown or no longer enjoy? ONWARD. Viva la changes!

My ratings:

Whew! This reading made me FEEL GOOD. That’s because introspection is an excellent thing to do when you’re facing or making a big change.

I think that this is an easy but effective spread. Head over to Daily Tarot Girl and give it a shot!

I hope you enjoyed the latest Tarot Spread Test Drive. I’ll be taking the tarot wheel and hittin’ the road with a new spread soon. If you want to ride along with me, keep an eye on my blog. Happy tarot trails!


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