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Curious about all the different tarot spreads out there? Wondering if they’re a keeper – or a lemon? Me too. Let’s take them for a test drive and find out!

Each month, I’ll pick an interesting tarot spread (from a book or around the web) – and give it a spin. I’ll look under the hood, kick the tires – and show you exactly how it works…or doesn’t. No haggling necessary. Ready to roll? Let’s go!

This month’s tarot spread: Inner Goddess Tarot’s What you need to KNOW, GROW, and LET GO


A few days ago, I had a situation blow up in my life. (If you need to read about the dirty details of that situation, here ya go.) I found myself seething, even after I got an apology. That’s because when I get mad, I tend to brew ‘n stew for a long time. Scorpio Moon problems? Probably.

I decided stomping around being angry wasn’t doing me any favors so it was time to consult my trusty tarot and see what I might need to do to let this shizz go. Searching around on the web for a good spread, I came across this beauty from Inner Goddess Tarot: What you need to KNOW, GROW, and LET GO. This seemed like the ideal tarot spread for reflecting on my issue. Tarot engines revved and test drive commenced!

The positions are defined as:

1 – What do I need to know?

2 – What needs to grow?

3 – What can I let go of?

Tarot Spread Test Drive - Inner Goddess Tarot's What you need to KNOW, GROW, and LET GO spread.

Here are the cards I chose:

Tarot Spread Test Drive - What you need to know, grow, and let go spread.

My interpretation:

What do I need to know? Knight of Swords reversed – whenever I see that Knight of Swords, I think “this means war!” He’s charging in, swords blazing, ready to cut a bitch!  But when he’s reversed, that energy becomes wild, excessive, all over the place. He’s a loose cannon! YIKES. This showed me that my anger was creating a lot of havoc – mostly internally. I was mad as hell but the energy was becoming counterproductive. Instead of defending my work and  moving on, I was picking at the wound, reopening old ones, and pretty much making MYSELF feel bad. It was time to drop the sword and sit with this. Reversals often symbolize a need to contemplate and one of my favorite techniques comes from Mary K. Greer, where she says to look at the lessons of the previous card. In this case, that would be the Page of Swords. Instantly, I knew what that meant. The reason why this situation had my blood boiling is because it brought up a situation from my youth when a loved one stole my identity. At that time, I was not allowed to fight it because relatives were worried that this person would “go to jail.” I got no justice. A few years later, this loved one did it again. This time, she got caught. So when someone does something that feels like identity theft, it is instant war. I come at it with full force because that old injustice is imprinted deeply in my consciousness. BAM!

What needs to grow? Ten of Cups – my support system. Let people in to help. Which I did. Thankfully, I have a wonderful group of peers who know the backstory and were quick to come to my defense. Other people reached out of the woodwork and offered their support too. For a woman who once had zero support from her family during a time when she was basically being robbed, this meant the world. There is a deep lesson here: although my family of origin wasn’t supportive, I could now create a new family of people who would have my back. This old lone wolf needs a pack. I learned that I have one. I will keep on nurturing those relationships.

What can I let go of? Three of Pentacles – I must remember that my work stands for itself. Over the years, I have produced a ton of content that has helped people. I’ve left my mark and my brand identity is strong. People recognize that. If I can focus on the good work that I’ve done, I can let go of this petty stuff. More importantly, this card seems to say: get busy. You don’t have time for this nonsense. Staying busy and productive might be the best medicine for letting my anger go. Done and DONE.

My ratings:


This was a powerful spread for reflection. Short but effective, just the way I like my tarot spreads. The next time you need to let something go, you might want to try the What you need to KNOW, GROW and LET GO spread. Lori Lytle has other great layouts for you to check out over at Inner Goddess Tarot. Head over to her site and you might find something you’ll like too.

I hope you enjoyed the latest Tarot Spread Test Drive. I’ll be taking the tarot wheel and hittin’ the road with a new spread soon. If you want to ride along with me, keep an eye on my blog. Happy tarot trails!


© Theresa Reed | The Tarot Lady 2017

images from The Fountain Tarot and Radiant Rider Waite

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