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The internet is a strange place. While I find it to be a useful space for gathering information and making connections, sometimes I feel it’s like the wild, wild west.

There are outlaws out there. People who feel they can take what they want or say whatever they want without repercussions or any thought of who they are affecting on the other side. It’s rough going especially for sensitive types.

Take this week for example. The other day I posted a quote on Instagram using one of the nifty squares that my designer, Jacquelyn Tierney, created for me a few years back. (Her work is awesome by the way. Check her out.) I noticed that someone had left a comment so I took a peek, expecting one of my friends or fans sharing a thought or a heart emoji.

Instead, some fellow tarot person, whom I have never met before, left a comment accusing me of copying someone else’s branding. Ironically, the person they accused me of copying was someone who lifted some of my web copy a few years back.

I’d like you to imagine my reaction for a minute.

If you pictured rage, you were right.

If there’s one thing I don’t like it’s being accused of something I didn’t do. The other thing I don’t tolerate: rudeness. Who was this person and how or why would they make a public accusation when they don’t know me – or the backstory between me and the other person? Why did they assume that I was the one doing the copying when the person they were defending is the one who not only helped herself to my web copy but also did a recent rebrand…using the same colors I have been using for years? (Note to copycats: if you’re going to do a rebrand, it’s wise to pick colors that are different than those of a colleague who has a beef with you.)

This put me in the very awkward position where I had to defend myself and my work on a public space – and now, unfortunately, it unwittingly named names and put the spotlight on a situation that I preferred was long gone. It was like rubbing internet salt on an old wound. Ouch.

A few comments from peers and friends who knew the backstory later and I got an apology. But the damage was done.

I’m sure the person who decided to leave that remark was only trying to defend their friend. I get that. I wish they would have checked in with me privately before making assumptions. But ah, that’s the internet. It’s a place where assumptions are rampant and people often click-click-click on that keyboard without thinking first.

I guess the moral of this story would be to think before you hit that keyboard. Pause before you leave a comment or take a picture or add your 2¢. Better yet, get the facts. The facts might surprise you. (PS I’m like James Comey – I keep a paper trail. Trust me, I have facts. And screen shots.)

The end.

Offerings to Oya

Light the incense, purify the air, bow to the gods and burn it all away. Ashé Oya!

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The Tarot Coloring Book Tour continues! Here’s where I’m heading next:

June 17-18th 2017: The Hermit’s Lamp in Toronto, Canada. Book signing and Celtic Cross Tutorial. Join me on the 17th for a book signing  and then come again on the 18th for an in-depth workshop on how to rock the Celtic Cross (the Celtic Cross workshop is SOUL-ED OUT)!

June 19 2017 6-8PM: Boston Tea Room in Ferndale, Michigan. Join me for Celtic Cross Boss, a two-hour tutorial that will have you mastering the Celtic Cross like a BOSS. $25.

July 9th 2017: Brushes + Cards. Special tarot + creativity workshop with intuitive artist, Chris Zydel of Creative Juices Arts – Oakland, California. Join us for a full day of painting, tarot, intuition work, and gourmet food! SOUL-ED OUT!

July 14 2017 6:30-8:30PM : New Renaissance Books in Portland. Details coming soon!

August 4 – 6th 2017: The Omega Tarot Conference: Masters of the Tarot – Five Approaches to Reading the Cards.  I’ll be co-teaching at this event with tarot legends Mary Greer, Rachel Pollack, Sasha Graham and Barbara Moore!


What I’m Grateful For:

My tribe

Being my self



Fresh notebooks


Soundtrack for 5/20/17:

Personality Crisis by The  New York Dolls


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