Tarot Spread Test Drive – Sasha Fenton’s Consequences Spread

by Theresa Reed on February 15, 2017

Tarot Spread Test Drive - I test out different tarot spreads every month just for you!

Curious about all the different tarot spreads out there? Wondering if they’re a keeper – or a lemon? Me too. Let’s take them for a test drive and find out!

Each month, I’ll pick an interesting tarot spread (from a book or around the web) – and give it a spin. I’ll look under the hood, kick the tires – and show you exactly how it works…or doesn’t. No haggling necessary. Ready to roll? Let’s go!

This month’s tarot spread: Sasha Fenton’s Consequences Spread

Tarot Spread Test Drive - Sasha Fenton's Consequences Spread

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again: I adore vintage tarot books. There’s something about cracking open those old books that takes me way back to the days when I first began reading the tarot cards. Many moons ago, I discovered the work of Sasha Fenton. I’ve been a big fan ever since. I grabbed a copy of Tarot In Action, an out-of-print book of spreads back at the Fields Book Store in San Francisco before it went out of business (bummer!).  The book subtitle is: “an introduction to simple and more complex Tarot spreads.”

Perfect for my Tarot Spread Test Drive!

The spread I picked was: Consequences Spread (pg 32).

Tarot Spread Test Drive: Sasha Fenton's Consequences Spread

My interpretation:

Fenton says that this small spread is “obviously most useful for answering a specific question.” Groovy.

Here are the positions:

Card positions:

We begin by picking a significator. Read my post on significators to learn more about ’em. The first card is laid right on top of the significator.

Position 1: The person or situation

Position 2. Matters affecting the person or situation

Position 3: The past

Position 4: The future

Position 5: Suggested course of action

Position 6: Outside factors

Position 7: Consequences

My cards:

Position 1: Five of Pentacles

Position 2. Nine of Wands

Position 3: Page of Wands

Position 4: Three of Wands

Position 5: Ten of Wands

Position 6: The Lovers

Position 7: Seven of Cups

Now the interps:

My question is about a business decision I made last year.

The card I picked for the significator was the Queen of Swords. Why? I’m a Gemini and Swords is the Air element. But also, my situation was about boundaries and policies.

The person or situation: Five of Pentacles – the Five of Pentacles can symbolize poverty or struggles. But it can also symbolize the outsider or shutting someone out.  In this case, I made a decision that would certainly make some people feel shut out. It was a decision that came with a price tag and one that I was willing to take. Because sometimes policies are more important that the bottom line.

Matters affecting the person or situation: Nine of Wands – here, the figure seems fearful, paranoid. He’s in a protective stance. Which is accurate because my decision had to do with my boundaries and feeling safe.

The past: Page of Wands – there were seeds planted a while ago that paved the way for this decision. Remember: Pages are often signs of new beginnings or messages. I see this as me getting a message that said it was time to make a change long ago. That is actually true too – I got the signs but chose to ignore them because I didn’t think I “could” make this decision.

The future: Three of Wands – this is the card of success and expansion. Plus, the figure is standing at a safe shore. Of all the cards, this one stood out most for me.  It was a sign that although I was taking a risk, I would be secure, in control, and successful in the long run.

Suggested course of action: Ten of Wands – more Wands! All this Wand energy is surely biz stuff – and a lot of energy. The Ten of Wands seems to be saying: move ahead now but do expect pressure. Also true – when I began implementing the new policy, I got flack. The Ten of Wands keeps going, no matter how much pressure is applied. I did just that.

Outside factors: The Lovers – there are some wonderful people in my business life, people who support me every way. The presence of the Lovers says: your right people are there, giving you love and support. Even though the Ten of Wands feels heavy, the Lovers trumps that card. It’s a sign that I’m weeding out the stuff I don’t want so that I can be surrounded by the people who love my work – and who I love right back.

Consequences: Seven of Cups – my new policy might make some people confused. Some might think twice about working with me. I may even have to clarify things for a few. But that’s the thing about new policies: not everyone will like or understand them. But it’s a risk I was willing to take – and I’m glad I did.

My ratings:

A clear, simple spread. Easy to work with and totally insightful. In other words: it’s a winner. I did this spread based on a decision made last year but you may want to try this spread before you make a decision!

I hope you enjoyed the latest Tarot Spread Test Drive. I’ll be taking the tarot wheel and hittin’ the road with a new spread soon. If you want to ride along with me, keep an eye on my blog. Happy tarot trails!


© Theresa Reed | The Tarot Lady 2017

images from The Fountain Tarot and Radiant Rider Waite

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