ten things to never say to your tarot reader

In this line of work, you hear it all.  Including a whole lotta ignorant statements.

If you want to avoid opening your mouth and saying something that might be construed as super offensive and rude, check out this list of the ten things to never say to your tarot reader:

I really don’t believe in any of this shit but thought I’d give it a try.”  Um…go away.

Can you tell me my middle name and what color shirt I was wearing yesterday?  I want you to prove how psychic you are.”  You’ve just proven to me how rude you are.  Let me show you my palm.  (AKA talk to the hand.)  Let’s see if you can read that.

What am I thinking right now?”  Duhhhh……..

Did you Google me before I came?”  You have got to be kidding me.  I don’t even have time shave my legs.  (PS thanks for questioning my integrity!)

Can you tell me the day I’m going to die?”  Hang on and let me get my shotgun.  I want to be accurate.

I don’t want to tell you too much.”  Oh goody goody – I just love hostile guessing games!  Now you sit there nice and mute with your arms crossed over your chest (preferably with a scowl) and I’ll do my best to “wow” you.  (Yes, I’m rolling my eyes.)

But the other reader said…..”  Why are you coming here if you liked their reading so much? Seriously.

I need to know how to get away with something.”  Um…wrong service, my friend.  We’re not here to help you become better criminals.  Consult an attorney, pronto.

Is this all you do?  What’s your day job?”  No, this is not all I do.  I also clean my house, do my accounting, tweak my website, feed my family, take care of two demanding cats, write, read business manuals, talk to my attorney, attend meetings, exercise, market my business, do readings via email in person and over the phone, scrub toilets, shop, counsel my children, check in on the neighbor, reach out to friends, attend conferences, teach, answer every email that lands in my inbox, watch Game of Thrones, and take out the garbage.  Is your “day job” all that you do? (PS yes, people can make a decent living doing this work if that is what you really wanted to ask.)

I’m going to get me a tarot deck and a tip jar so I can begin making some easy money like you are!” Tarot work is not “easy” money.  It takes time, skill, and a deep desire to help people.  If you are assuming it’s simple to learn tarot, good luck with that.  And if you are only taking up tarot because you think it’s a way for “quick money”, your motives are all wrong, friend-o.



© Theresa Reed | The Tarot Lady 2014

PS in case you are curious, YES – these are real statements/questions.  You can’t make this stuff up.

Fellow readers – I’d love to hear some of the crazy or rude statements you’ve heard.  Share your best with me on Twitter @thetarotlady

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