The fast-track way to season your tarot deck

So you got a new tarot deck, and you’re raring to do readings. You open the box, begin to shuffle, and lay them out, ready to interpret. But the cards won’t “budge.” Every time you lay them out, you get the same suit or nothing but Majors (it’s not properly mixed). Also, the readings feel “off,” like an unripe peach (if you ever tried to bite into one, you know what I mean – it needs more time). 

What’s an anxious future-tripping tarot reader to do when their new deck isn’t delivering the goods? 

You need to fast-track the seasoning process.

What’s seasoning?

Like many tools, a tarot deck must be cleansed and shuffled plenty to get it primed for work. Think of it like a cast iron pan: the more you use it, the better it gets – and so does the food (readings) because now it’s well seasoned.

But sometimes, you don’t want to wait years to develop those “flavors.” You want it to work NOW. I get that. There are tarot decks that are simply too fabulous to wait. 

This is my fast-track method to season your tarot deck:

1. Break the deck into multiple piles. Shuffle each one separately. Now, put the cards back together and shuffle the whole deck. Repeat three times.

2. Next, have someone else thoroughly shuffle the deck.

3. Cleanse your deck under sacred smoke. Light any incense you like and let the smoke waft around the deck.

4. Lastly, put the deck in what I call the ‘crystal sandwich.’ The crystal sandwich consists of a flat or large crystal, preferably quartz, and a selenite wand. Lay the cards on the quartz and put the wand on top. You can see my crystal sandwich in this post. Allow the cards to rest for three days.

5. Now, repeat this same process two more times for three seasoning sessions.

Wham bam, tarot, ma’am! You’re ready to rock and roll – and read those tarot cards!

Let me know how this works for you.



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