In just a few weeks, the ball will drop, the kick-off to a new year. It’s customary to reflect on the year that was while we anticipate the one that could be. You might even set resolutions. I say screw that. Instead, start plotting out the cool stuff, the spiritual adventures, and all the meaningful things you WANT to do. Here are some ideas of things to try in 2024 (my short list):

1. Take a train. This past year, I took a train to New York, and it was a magical experience. I felt safe close to the ground in my own little room. I’m going to do it again!
2. Cook new cuisine. I’m about to grab Laotian for lunch. I am interested in learning how to cook it.
3. Tidy up your books. One of my goals for the year. I love going through my books.
4. Get outside more. As a writer, I spend too much time indoors. I want to breathe in fresh air as much as possible.
5. Donate to a good cause. I donate to a lot of great charities – am widening my giving next year.
6. Wake up and declare every day will be a good day. I already do this every day. I like starting off my morning on a positive note.
7. Surprise people with random gifts. I sent a few of my closest friends some amazing olive oil this year because I thought they needed to try it. They loved it!
8. Sing as loud as possible. I am a terrible singer – but who cares?
9. Keep a daily diary. I have a little One Line A Day journal I’ve kept for years. I am kinda random with it, but trying to be more regular.
10. Try your hand at poetry. Sometimes I write quick poetic lines in my journal!
11. Start that hobby. Goal: take that photography class.
12. Buy new sheets. Still trying to find cute ones.
13. Spend time with your elders. Every year they are here is a gift.
14. Discover new music. I’m always looking for recommendations!
15. Eject the shit disturbers from your world. No one needs toxic jerks in their world. I’ve been great at booting these types!
16. Send handwritten notes. One of my favorite things to do. I’ve fallen off the habit, but plan on doing it more this year!
17. Reduce your carbon footprint. I have slowly reduced mine down to almost zero driving. One of the benefits of my recluse life!
18. Try a new restaurant in a new town. Doing that today!
19. Say no to events you don’t want to attend. I’ve gotten good at this. Heh heh.
20. Stretch more. I can never stretch enough.
21. Let others know you love them. I always tell my husband and kids that I love them. Often multiple times in a day!
22. Spend less time on social media. I’m hardly ever on those platforms now. I do a “cut and run” plus keep the apps hidden on my phone.
23. Take responsibility. The more accountable you are, the more likely you don’t cause harm. Something I strive for.
24. VOTE. Help others register to vote. This will be the most consequential vote in our lifetime. Let’s do this!

So those are some of my suggestions. What about you? What are some of the things you want to do next year?


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