The Hit List - A checklist for the inevitable

Getting older can be an interesting journey. As my husband and I start edging closer and closer to senior citizen status, I think more and more about the inevitable: the end. A series of health challenges have made the conversation a bit more topical. There is no denying it: we’re not going to be around forever.

Which means we need to get a whole lot more serious about the next chapter. I created this checklist for the inevitable, or before the end comes.

☐ Update the will (my kids are no longer children so that part needs to change).

☐ Hold hands more.

☐ Travel as much as we are able to so we have loads of good memories.

☐ Create a file with all of the death instructions (last wishes, passwords for all my online crap, the will, soundtrack for our memorials, list of people who are banned from my funeral, etc.)

☐Put little notes in the various trinket boxes around the home so the children will discover them after we are gone. Some should be loving (You are the best kid a mom could ever hope for.) while others should be sassy (You’re a nosy little fucker, aren’t you?).

☐ Snuggle with the cats more. Even if I’m too busy for it.

☐ Read all the books that are sitting on the shelf. Finally.

☐ Go through my photographs with the family and talk about what was happening at that time.

☐ Write down all my secret scandalous stories in a notebook so the kids can get nice ’n shocked when I’m gone.

☐ Get more massages. Once a week would be divine.

☐ Laugh at it all.

☐ Coffee dates with my daughter. I love these so much!

☐ More massive indulgent feasts, please. (Also: eat at those restaurants on my “research” list.)

☐ Make love as much as possible.

☐ Watch my son play music more. I can endure a few late nights. After I’m gone, I’ll be sleeping plenty! Ha!

☐ Get to a petting zoo and hang out with goats for the day.

☐ Do all the drugs I never did before just to see what the fuss was all about.

☐ Clean out that damn garage. Resolve to be less of a hoarder in my next lifetime.

☐ Discover a new song every single day.

☐ More photos. WAY more photos.

What about you? What’s your “checklist for the inevitable?” Do you have one too? Or might this be a good time to think about one?

This list was inspired by THE CHECKLIST BOOK by Alexandra Franzen. Get the book at your local bookstore, local public library, or order it online:

Capturing my pretty daughter in a moment when she wasn’t paying attention.

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What I’m Grateful For:

Time left

Breathing room

Colored markers




Soundtrack for 1/25/20:

My Way by Sid Vicious (this is the song I want playing at my funeral). Yep, that’s on my checklist! Ha!


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