The Hit List - Chicago, Book Signing, or Bust!

This weekend, I’m hanging in Chicago. It’s a mother daughter weekend – and I’m doing a book signing for my newest thang: Create Your Own Tarot Cards. If you’re free on Sunday, come on down to Ponnopozz, get your book signed and say hello!

Here’s somme sneak peeks of the book:

Create Your Own Tarot Cards - sneak peek

Create Your Own Tarot Cards - sneak peek

Create Your Own Tarot Cards - inside the book

Create Your Own Tarot Cards - sneak peek blank cards

And here’s the deets if you want to meet ‘n greet at the book signing event:

Book signing Create Your Own Tarot Cards

Other stuff:

6 Abortion Advocates To Follow On TikTok.

Now I know what a “dirty soda” is…and nope, I don’t want one.

From Literary Hub: There Is Grace in Patience: On the Writing Lessons of Tarot.

More like a legend: The Julia Writers See Julia Child As a Fable.

Good: A Landlord ‘Underestimated’ His Tenants. Now They Could Own the Building.

Yay! Karine Jean-Pierre Will Make History as the New White House Press Secretary.

This is disturbing: ‘Gambling addict’ who ‘killed NYPD cop’s tarot card-reader mom made THREE confessions to shooting her point-blank in the head after he believed she put a curse on him when his luck ran out.’

Carnations, Meat Hash, and ”Watching Your Mother’s Face”: 9 Mother’s Day Celebrations From Around the World.

Sarah Potter wrote about The Lovers Card.

Ooooh this looks neat: Surrealism and Magic: Enchanted Modernity.

Super interested in this: Ossman & Steel’s Classic Household Guide to Appalachian Folk Healing: A Collection of Old-Time Remedies, Charms, and Spell.

Intriguing: In the Houses of Their Dead: The Lincolns, the Booths, and the Spirits.

This is dropping at the end of the month: The Modern Art of Brujería: A Beginner’s Guide to Spellcraft, Medicine Making, and Other Traditions of the Global South.

Llewellyn is gearing up for all their yearly calendars and guides including Llewellyn’s 2023 Magical Almanac: Practical Magic for Everyday Living. I’m waiting to find out about the astrological calendars.

It’s here at last: Create Your Own Tarot Cards: A step-by-step guide to designing a unique and personalized tarot deck.

For the kiddies – or the young at heart: Tarot For Kids.

If you’re ready to level up your tarot skills, I got ya: Tarot: No Questions Asked: Mastering the Art of Intuitive Reading.

Prefer to listen to your tarot lessons? Check this out: Tarot: No Questions Asked: Mastering the Art of Intuitive Reading is available as an audiobook.

When you’re ready to explore astrology, bring this guidebook with you: Astrology for Real Life: A Workbook for Beginners (A No B.S. Guide for the Astro-Curious).

Listen up! There’s an audio version of Astrology For Real Life!

The Uncommon Tarot: A Contemporary Reimagining of an Ancient Oracle is one of the most beautiful tarot decks around. Have you seen it?

An easy, fun way to learn tarot: The Tarot Coloring Book. All you need is a box of crayons and your favorite deck!

When the news is too much, you may want to crawl into a ball and wish it away. That’s no good. The world NEEDS YOU. Instead of checking out, get a copy of Tarot For Troubled Times, a book about tarot, magic, ritual, and courage.

Soon, I’ll start sharing more info about Twist Your Fate: Manifest Success with Astrology and Tarot. It’s coming in August!



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What I’m Grateful For:

A weekend off

Book signing events!

Fresh tea on a cold day

New friends

Spending time with my baby girl


Soundtrack for 5/7/22

First Class by Jack Harlow


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