The Hit List – Colorado and Tarot Cards

by Theresa Reed on October 14, 2017

The Hit List - Colorado

So this week, I headed to Colorado for the final leg of The Tarot Coloring Book tour. It’s been a wonderful year of meeting fans, seeing friends, talking tarot – and seeing so many interesting places! For an introvert like me, this has been quite the journey.

I started off by visiting my publisher, Sounds True for a tour of the facilities and lunch. Sounds True has been quite good to me so it was a joy to see my friends there – and to meet the dogs that hang there. YES – they get to bring their dogs to work! Because my cats rule my life with iron paws, I am not “allowed” to have dogs, so I always live vicariously through people who are dog owners. Here’s a pic of me at the Sounds True headquarters:

Visiting Sounds True headquarters.

The next day, it was time to get to the Boulder Book Store for my short talk and book signing. It was such an honor to meet the lovely peeps who came down! By the way, Boulder Book Store is my DREAM store. If I lived in Boulder, I would probably spend every single day of my life there. Here are a few pics from the event along with a sweet mention in the local paper:

I also got to have dinner with my friend Bari Tessler Linden and her husband Forest. Many Game of Thrones theories were discussed over excellent food. Which means: I need to get back to Boulder after the GoT finale to finish this discussion. Here I am with Bari:

I also joined my acquisitions editor, Jennifer Brown and her daughter for drinks at a restaurant called Arcana! Ha ha! Tarot is everywhere I go!

Next it was time to head to Denver for my last appearance. This time, I would be at my friends Chris and Stephanie’s hot shop, Trunk Nouveau. Places like this are DANGEROUS for me. All that bling! OMFG. (Yes, I walked out with plenty o’ goodies.)

Trunk Nouveau

The event was a success! We had a great turnout of tarot-curious folks and a few kids. I loved meeting everyone, talking tarot, coloring, and pulling cards. Everyone seemed to have fun and every Tarot Coloring Book was sold! Huzzah! Here are pictures of the set up and the gathering of fine tarot-loving peeps:

Getting ready for the Tarot Coloring Event at Trunk Nouveau.

Tarot coloring event at Trunk Nouveau - let the coloring begin!

I’m taking an extra two days here to hang with my friends and see what Denver has to offer. Then it’s home again, home again, jiggity jig – to work on my next book as quick as can be.


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My book tour may be at an end but The Tarot Coloring Book is still available. Get your copy + watch the tarot cards come to  life!


What I’m Grateful For:

Time away

Mountain air

Dinner with friends

Tooling around with my husband

Face time

Stephanie and Chris. They are the best.


Soundtrack for 10/14/17:

DNA by Kendrick Lamar


© Theresa Reed | The Tarot Lady 2017

images from personal collection

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