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On the internet, people feel free to act whatever way they want. For some reason, the filters come off and suddenly they are saying or doing things they may never do in person. It’s weird.

For example, a few months ago, I was doing a live stream when some random guy showed up in the chat and said “hello.” If you’ve ever done a live, you know it’s almost impossible to acknowledge every single person. Well, this stranger got mad and posted they were “done following me because I didn’t say hi back.” (Apparently, making a big huffy announcement before you leave an online space is called “flouncing.”)


This isn’t the first time it’s happened to me or other folks. I’ve seen this sort of petty behavior happen in another person’s live stream but they chose to laugh it off. 

Other cringe-worthy stuff I’ve witnessed (and sometimes experienced): snarky or passive-aggressive guilt-tripping remarks on a post, demands for free readings during an event, and my favorite: someone coming on a live show and marketing THEIR business. 


I found myself visualizing what this would look like in real life. Imagine for a moment you’re throwing an open house party with all sorts of goodies and cool people. A stranger walks in, doesn’t like the tunes you’re playing, and makes a loud, dramatic announcement about how angry they are because they hate that music, and now they are never going to come back!

You’d probably think that person was bizarre…or an asshole.

You’d also probably think “flounce off, jerk.” That would be a justified reaction. After all, if you’re hosting a free party, that doesn’t mean people get to crap all over your place…even if they don’t like your musical selection.

Now let’s put the shoe on the other foot. If you’re attending an event and you don’t dig what’s going on, you’d probably thank the host and leave. Or maybe you’d slip out the side door quietly and find a better gig somewhere else. Simple, eh?

So why can’t we do that in our online lives? 

I think it’s high time we become more thoughtful about how we act and interact everywhere – not just in our homes and public spaces. If you wouldn’t do it in real life…don’t do it on the internet. Be nice. That simple. 

Voting rights are human rights.

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