The Hit List - Freeze Framed

The other day I was recording a little something. It wasn’t a big deal nor was it too long. I had my info ready, was well-rehearsed, and knew the info inside and out. My hair was pressed, lipstick perfect, and surroundings neat enough.

As soon as the camera rolled, the deep freeze set in. In other words, I not only froze once but many more times. I could barely choke it out without stumbling, mispronouncing words, and feeling like a loser.

How the hell did this happen? After all, I’ve spent plenty of time doing Instagram Lives. I should be a pro by now!

But the truth is, I’ve never been a fan of being in front of the camera. Unlike my gorgeous sis, who loves the camera and gets plenty of love back from it, I always say “I’d rather give birth to twins breach instead.” That is how much I hate having my picture taken.

I won’t lie: I did beat myself up a bit once the cameras were off. Why am I so stiff when it really matters? Why can’t I loosen up a bit? And: why did I agree to do this when I know I suck!?

If you’re camera-shy, you know that inward dialogue too. While I’d like to perfect my photo-taking time or avoid it altogether, there’s something humbling about revisiting those old issues you thought were handled long ago. I’ve always been self-conscious when the lens is pointed at me. Sure, I appear confident when you look at the finished product. You don’t see the 1000 pictures that needed to be taken in order to get one good shot. 

I’ll probably never be besties with the camera but you know what? I still do it. It takes a lot of guts to do something that makes you uncomfortable. 

The next time you’re facing something that makes you freeze, know you’re not alone. We all trip up at times. Many of us continue to fall flat on our faces even with all the prep in the world. Keep going anyways. 


I can do this with my eyes closed.

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What I’m Grateful For:

Patient camera people

Time to breathe

Fresh air on a warm day

Walking weather

Lemon cheesecake bars


Soundtrack for 7/17/21:

You Right by Doja Cat and The Weeknd


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