The Hit List - Giving and ReceivingOne day on the way home from church, my father pulled over by the old Hamm’s brewery. I peered out the window and saw three young hippies sticking out their thumbs. Dad rolled down the window and asked where they were going. They weren’t going too far and it turned out that it was on the way so he motioned for them to pile in.

Mind you, there were three of us kids in the back so we had to squish ourselves around to make room. I ended up sitting on one hippie’s lap which I swear is the reason why I developed a penchant for long-haired men. But that’s another story.

This small gesture illustrated my father’s personality. He was a difficult man in may ways but when it came to generosity, no one was more giving than him. I remember many times when he invited guys from work over for dinner because they didn’t have a family (plus he liked having drinking buddies). There were also many other times when I witnessed him helping folks out – or bailing out my siblings, who seemed to find financial woes well into adulthood.

Dad was a giver and I inherited that vibe.

I’ve found over the years that it’s much easier for me to give than it is to receive. I’m used to paying for everything – pulling out the wallet for dinners, coffees, or other such things. If someone needs something, I look for a way to make that happen. It’s just my way. Dad’s way.

I admit: when the shoe is on the other foot, I become overwhelmed. “Who me? Oh my gosh!” My face burns hot and I get anxious. I even try to give something in return just to keep the score even. 

In other words: I have a receiving problem.

This last week I had to put that to the side because some generous folks in my life decided that I needed to be shown some gratitude. Two of my yoga student dropped off bottles of wine. One brought a plant (which got my cat TaoZen’s attention!). Then a group of folks pitched in to purchase some gift certificates for me. Just because they wanted to show their appreciation.


It’s not even my birthday!

But you don’t need to have a special occasion to do something nice for someone. I was reminded of that that this week. I’m going to joyfully receive these kind gestures. Because you know what? It’s just as nice to receive as it is to give!

Psst…a big thank you to everyone for your generosity! You know who you are…

I was feeling the love this week!

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What I’m Grateful For:

What I’m Grateful For:

Nights to myself

Generous friends

Saying yes

Gift cards!


Soundtrack for 4/6/19:

Connected by Stereo MC



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