The Hit List - The great un-committing

For many years, I’ve been under the assumption that my natal Saturn was supposed to bring lessons about romance, creativity, and children. While I have certainly gone through my share of creative blocks, icky breakups, and parenting drama, much of that worked itself out. Well, I should probably say I worked it out.

As I started thinking about my upcoming Saturn return (an astrological event when Saturn returns to the sign it was in at the time of your birth), a feeling of dread washed over me. What on earth might happen? Of course, my worst-case scenario narrator took over, leaving me awake at night pondering all sorts of possibilities, with plenty of vivid imaginings of how I would deal with such and such situation. You see, I like to plan a bit, so I want to be prepared for every which way this could pan out.

Until one day, I found myself bitching about my busy life and one-too-many obligations to no one in particular (I sometimes bitch to myself or the good ole journal). Once again, I was mired in tasks galore and not enough time to get them all done. Or so it seems. You see, I always manage to get it done, even if that means working on the weekends or late into the evening.  I like to say workaholism is in the blood because this is how my dad rolled too. I get itchy if I have downtime.

Which got me thinking: the fifth house, where my Saturn sits at a nasty angle with almost every planet in my chart, isn’t just about kids, art, and suitors. It also lords over leisure, something I’ve only really known once in my life.

A few years back, before the pandemic put everything on hold, I took a trip to Hawaii for a writing retreat. I spent a whole week in a gorgeous old mansion next to a waterfall, hanging with amazing people and polishing up my writing. I had intended to get a whole lot of things done…but something happened. I stopped working. 

Perhaps it’s the magic of Hawaii, or maybe my body, mind, and soul were too exhausted to think about one more work thing. Whatever the case may be, I put it down. I did NOTHING. Nothing except laugh, rest, and eat. I said to my husband, “I think this is the first time in my life where I have ever truly relaxed.”

I liked it.

I swore I would change when I came home. I wasn’t going to work around the clock. No sir-ee! I was going to trim it all down to a nub and find more time to do not a damn thing. Except that didn’t really happen. Oh, I did tear some duties down – only to replace them with…more work.

It’s habitual.

So now here I am again, in the same situation as I was before. Too much on the plate and no time to breathe, sit, or do nothing at all. I’ve decided my second Saturn return will be centered around the art of non-committing. I’m not talking about the kind where I’m being a free spirit and ditching a dude by giving him a one-way ticket to California non-commitment (yes, it’s a true story). Nope, not that. Instead, I’m un-committing to too many things. Less yes, more nope. No more packed days, but instead, lots of open spaces.

Will I be able to do it? I’ve already made changes. I dropped the podcasts, and my morning live streams are down to twice a week. The free card of the day is now weekly and weekends. I’ve also looked at my social calendar and decided to take a pass on events that don’t get me excited. Pare, pare, pare. 

Saturn enters Pisces on Tuesday, and then the real work begins. The work of not working. I have three years to perfect this thing. So let’s see how this rolls and what I learn along the way.




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