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I think I can speak for most mothers when I say the greatest wish is for our children to be happy. I don’t think too many moms would disagree with that sentiment. Much of our lives are devoted to their happiness.

When they are little, we have a bit more control over keeping them safe and well. But once they are adults, all bets are off – and we get little say into what happiness looks like for them. Adult children make plenty of choices we don’t like – and some that scare us. I know my own decisions put my parents through hell at times. 

But it worked out and my life is good (my parents might even be proud).

Last weekend, my daughter tied the knot. She married a kind man who seems to be the perfect fit. Now they begin their life together – and once again, I wish for her happiness. I want her life to be filled with joy, fun, abundance, adventure, security – all the good things.

I know it’s what she wants too. But maybe, just maybe, I want it for her even more.

Tarot for Kids by Theresa Reed and Kailey Whitman

Coming September 7, 2021: Tarot For Kids! Yay!

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What I’m Grateful For:

A successful wedding

New beginnings

Signs of spring

Coffee with my son

Salmon tartines

Great customer service


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Palm Reader by Dreamers, Big Boi ft Upsahl


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