The Hit List - Hawaii, I think I love you

I did two things that I swore I’d never do in a million years: one, travel during the winter months and two, go to a tropical climate. Yet my finger lingered on the “buy” button every time I gazed at the sales page for the writer’s retreat. Finally, I gathered my courage and said: “I’m in.” GULP.

It was a big expense and SCARY AF. Hot weather and humidity? NOT MY JAM. A 9-hour flight in a month known for blizzards? What the hell am I thinking?

Truthfully, I was thinking about improving my writing skills. Plus I wanted time away from the daily grind to think, create, and BREATHE. So yeah, that is what drove me to click that Buy button. And here I am. Loving every single second of this amazing retreat surrounded by soulful writerly sisters in a gorgeous location, eating the freshest fare ever. (Note: No Jason Momoa sightings to speak of.)

I’m not bitching about the heat or the humidity. I’m in love. Here are a few pics so you can see what my fuss is about:

The Hit List - Hawaii, I think I love you

The Hit List - Hawaii, I think I love you

We went on a day trip to Waipio Beach to see wild horses but got rained out.

The Hit List - Hawaii, I think I love you

The Hit List - Hawaii, I think I love you

Shave ice. Tahitian Lime flavor – so good!

The Hit List - Hawaii, I think I love you

Husband painting.

The Hit List - Hawaii, I think I love you

The Hit List - Hawaii, I think I love you

The tea ceremony with Charlotte was a highlight!

The Hit List - Hawaii, I think I love you

The Hit List - Hawaii, I think I love you


The Hit List - Hawaii, I think I love you

Best crew EVER.

Other stuff:

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April 24-26, 2020: Readers Studio. I’m a main stage presenter at the annual Readers Studio Tarot Conference in New York, the biggest tarot conference in the world. Join me and other world-class instructors for a weekend of tarot goodness!

May 10-16, 2020: The Tuscany Tarot Intensive. Where: Italy! A full week of tarot immersion. Great food, killer lessons, awesome people – gorgeous location! One seat left!

August 30, 2020: Brushes and Stars. Where: Oakland, California. A full-day of astrology and intuitive painting – and yummy food! Join me and Chris Zydel for a joyful, astrology-inspired intuitive painting experience.


What I’m Grateful For:

Cool tropical breezes
Excellent humans
Time to write
Coqui frogs


Soundtrack for 1/11/20:

Hawaii Five-O with The Ventures


© Theresa Reed | The Tarot Lady 2020

images from stock photography and personal collection 


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