The Hit List - Holidays New and Old

I’m not a religious person nor am I overly invested in holidays. Except for one thing: it’s an excuse to cook all the comfort food from my childhood.

My parents were super religious and they loved the holidays. Easter was a really big deal around our household. Church was mandatory and I hated wearing those cheap, stiff shoes and frilly dresses my mother favored. While they were bowing their heads and praying along with the congregation, I was silently praying to go home.

I wanted to throw off those uncomfortable clothes and dig into the Easter basket, the only thing I was concerned about. There were usually a few pieces of chocolate, a small toy, and the dreaded jelly beans, which I always bitched about but ate out of desperation for something sweet in my mouth. The afternoon might have an “egg fight” with the eggs we dyed the night before. (An egg fight is simply two people smacking their eggs together to see which one cracks first.)

Eventually, dinner would be served and we’d tuck into ham, mac ’n cheese, peas, and some sort of pie for dessert, usually lemon meringue. Sooner or later, there’d be an argument, and the night would end with lots of yelling. So much for a holy day.

Despite my gripes, every year I long for the same menu, except for the pie. That’s been replaced by a chocolate dessert since I don’t do Easter baskets for myself. The kids come over and dine with us and then go home or hang around to watch whatever is on the tube (currently The Sopranos).

There is no arguing, no yelling. Just good food and conversations.

It’s interesting what traditions remain and which don’t. I’m happy to enjoy the day off and eat my favorite things. I don’t miss the pie, jelly beans, church, or fighting though. Because some traditions are better left in the past.

sun worshipping cat

Sun worshipper.

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What I’m Grateful For:

New traditions

Ham for days


Kinder Bueno Minis

Sun streaming through the windows

Holidays my way


Soundtrack for 4/16/22

Holidays in the Sun by The Sex Pistols


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