The Hit List - Lessons learned from my Depression-era parents

According to the latest news, we’re now in the worst economic situation since the Great Depression. The numbers are truly shocking…and many folks never thought we’d be here. But here we are.

Recently, I read an article about the lessons learned from the Great Depression and it got me thinking about what I learned from growing up with Depression-era parents. Both my mother and father lived through that terrible time in history, so there were stories about hardship, endurance, and gratitude.

Dad had to quit school at thirteen to help support the family (he hated school anyway). He told me about long days in the field, and juggling more than one job, including a short stint as a boxer.

My mother had health issues due to poor nutrition. There were times of no milk or meat – and during those periods, they would “make a meal out of squash,” the only thing that was growing in the garden.

I also heard stories about men fighting over lumps of coal, kids wearing shoes with holes in the bottom, and too-many-children under one roof. But within these tales were also lessons on hope, gratitude, and survival.

My parents knew how to sew, cook, garden, can vegetables, make quilts, darn socks, repair cars, and more. Nothing went to waste because dollars had to be stretched as far as possible. Mom was an expert at negotiating with bill collectors because you learn how to do that when you’re poor. Like many farm families, they lived communally with parents and siblings – because it saved money and you could look out for each other. Everyone had to work together…and work hard. Which meant becoming self-sufficient together…and that inspired closeness.

So those lessons got passed down to some degree.

I, too, know how to live lean. I am frugal as can be. There is no “living large” over here because it’s just not how I roll. Although I have expensive gourmet tastes, most of my fancy meals are home-cooked. You’ll rarely find me buying clothes. Instead, prefer to wear my stuff out. (My WuTang shirt has a massive hole in the side but I keep on wearing it!) Even though I don’t live with my children, we live close (my son is right around the corner), which means we can be there for each other in a heartbeat. I’m a workaholic and never afraid to bust my hump to bring that cheddar in the door (just like Dad!).

Above all, I am grateful. Grateful that I have a roof over my head, clean clothes, a hot shower, access to good food, a meaningful career that I love, and a wonderful family. These things mean more to me than anything else in the world. I would venture to guess that these basics were also most important to my parents and many other Depression-era folks.

With this new reality, we may all find ourselves going back to those simple ways of living – even in a high tech world. Perhaps it’s a signal to slow down, get lean, count our blessings, and appreciate each other just a little bit more. Like my parents, we will get through these hard times – and maybe we will be better for it.

Look at this little guy just trying to make it in the world too.

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