The Hit List - April's showers and May flowers

I’m so glad the weather is better! I started getting back to my daily walks. Check out all the beauty and goodness I discovered this week.

The Hit List - April's showers and May flowers

Trunk show.

The Hit List - April's showers and May flowers

Too many tulips (there are never too many). Tulips are one of the May flowers I always look forward to seeing.

May flowers bursting on a tree.

The trees are full of May flowers.

What's up, chicken butts? May flowers and chickens.

What’s up, chicken butt? (My husband took this photo.)

Yes, we will.


Other stuff:

Grateful to see Astrology for Real Life get a nod on this list: 16 Best Astrology Books of All Time.

Learn about yesterday’s Lunar Eclipse in Scorpio.

Wait…what: How Did 300 Pounds of Pasta End Up in the Woods?

Lisa Stardust and Stephanie Campos are over on Today: The lunar eclipse in Scorpio could be an opportunity for growth, an astrologer says.

Double your Lisa Stardust pleasure with this astrological profile of the coronation: The astrology of King Charles III’s coronation: What the stars predict.

I want to see them: Get Ready to See More of the Northern Lights.

From The Mountain Astrologer: Early Thoughts on Pluto’s Big Move.

Haha: Massive Penis Is Mowed Into Lawn At King Charles Coronation Party Venue.

Speaking of flowers: Blooming with Beauty: A Beginner’s Guide to Creating Your Own Flower Garden.

I am so angry about this senseless murder: Jordan Neely Wasn’t Just Killed — He Was Failed By Bystanders Around Him.

Reject this requirement: Three Reasons Congress Should Reject Medicaid Work Requirements.

The 15 Best Nonfiction Books of 2023, So Far.

Great post from T. Susan Chang: The Doubtful Diviner.

I love her: Montana Rep. Zooey Zephyr on Republican Censorship and What’s Next.

Why Yoga Teacher Trainings Are Taking on Social Justice Issues.

I’m excited for my copy to arrive: Rethinking Your Position: Reshape Your Exercise, Yoga, and Everyday Movement, One Part at a Time.

This looks great: Animal Intuition: Communicating with Pets, Animal Spirits, and the Energies of the Natural World.

Intriguing: Path of the Moonlit Hedge: Discovering the Magick of Animistic Witchcraft.

NEED: The Answer Within: How to Access Your Spirit Guides for Alignment and Abundance.

WANT: Llewellyn’s 2024 Magical Almanac: Practical Magic for Everyday Living.

I love this concept: On Alchemy: Essential Practices and Making Art as Alchemy.

Sigils are so interesting: Sigil Craft: Your Guide to Using, Creating & Recognizing Magickal Symbols.

The tarot journal of my dreams is coming in October: The Weiser Tarot Journal: Guidance and Practice. It has stickers!!!

Also coming in October: The Cards You’re Dealt: How to Deal when Life Gets Real (A Tarot Guidebook).

No matter how sucky your natal chart may be, you can turn it around and be lucky like me: Twist Your Fate: Manifest Success with Astrology and Tarot.

For the kids – or the kid at heart: Tarot For Kids.

If you struggle to understand tarot, I got you: Tarot: No Questions Asked: Mastering the Art of Intuitive Reading.

Prefer to listen to your tarot lessons? Check this out: Tarot: No Questions Asked: Mastering the Art of Intuitive Reading is available as an audiobook.

New to astrology? You defo want to start here: Astrology for Real Life: A Workbook for Beginners (A No B.S. Guide for the Astro-Curious).

There is an audio version if you prefer: Astrology For Real Life.

This is one of my favorite tarot decks: The Uncommon Tarot: A Contemporary Reimagining of an Ancient Oracle.

Rainy days demand hot tea and a soothing activity: The Tarot Coloring Book. It’s a relaxed way to learn tarot!

No matter how heavy the world may seem, you can find lightness: Tarot For Troubled Times.

Here’s a fun little kit for making your own tarot deck: Create Your Own Tarot Cards: A step-by-step guide to designing a unique and personalized tarot deck. <-Cards are included!

Every Sunday, I send out an astrology-fueled report just for entrepreneurs. Want in? Here ya go: The AstroBiz Digest.

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What I’m Grateful For:



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