New Mexico perspective

I’m the first to admit that I’m a stubborn woman. Once my mind is made up, it’s a done deal.

Which means: if you want to get me to change my mind, get ready to tussle. You’re going to be have to might convincing.

For example, my travel rules are set.

Nowhere hot.

Nowhere rural.

No travel from mid-November through March.

Destinations must have wi-fi.

But last week, I broke those rules and headed to Albuquerque for a tarot workshop. Cheryl Ryder, host of the Albuquerque Tarot Tribe Meet Up, said I’d love it.  I also got a scout’s honor that New Mexico would be uh-may-zing from an old pal, who moved there nine years ago.

I went on their word, skeptical the entire time. What if I got sunburned? How might I handle the altitude? What if it’s not urban enough for me? I pictured the worst – a desert town with no Starbucks. Yeah, that’s pretty scary for me – but that was the image I crafted in my mind (even though I had watched Breaking Bad and should have known better, my imagination is pretty powerful).

Of course I was proven wrong.

There were restaurants with mile-high chocolate cakes.

Adobe homes that looked like little Flintstone houses (my new obsession: I want one). That’s me with my beautiful friend Amy in front of one!

Green chili burgers (hot as hell – had my chili on the side). Yeah, I am a wuss.

Red chili huevos rancheros (chili is BIG in New Mexico). Note: I prefer red over green.

Lavender fields and lavender beard oil (hubby smells divine now).

Breaking Bad tours. (Not enough time to take one but how cool!)

Exquisite turquoise jewelry. (Wolf is my totem animal.)

My favorite dish in the world, Bún Thịt Nướng, prepared perfectly.

Good friends, perfect hosts, and a lively tarot class with some of the nicest tarot peeps I’ve ever had the pleasure to meet.

Armless lumberjacks and golden mountains.

And there were dogs!

In short: Albuquerque was dope as hell. (And yes…there were plenty of Starbucks.)

I left with a whole new perspective. If New Mexico was this lovely, what other places am I shutting down with my closed mind? Places that might be cool too. Hmmm….

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Color the tarot cards and absorb the info with The Tarot Coloring Book!

More book tour dates:

March 10th 2017 5-7PM: The Nutman in Hubertus, Wisconsin. Join me for a free mini-tarot lesson + book signing! Books will be available for purchase.

April 13 2017 6-9PM: The Waxwing in Milwaukee Wisconsin. Tarot + Wine – a free workshop with mini-tarot lessons, book signings, nibbles ‘n wine! Imbibe, learn some tarot, mingle, get a copy of The Tarot Coloring Book signed by yours truly. Books will be available for purchase.


What I’m Grateful For:

Good friends

Cheryl Ryder and the Albuquerque Tarot Tribe

Being home

Safe flights

Getting back to my grind

Lavender beard oil


Soundtrack for 2/25/17:

Exit Music (For a Film) by Radiohead




© Theresa Reed | The Tarot Lady 2017

images from personal collection

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