The Hit List - New York Will Be Fine

I wrote this piece about New York on my private Facebook page and folks seemed to like it so I decided to share it here.

So James Altucher, who I like, penned a grim piece on how he’s leaving New York, and it will never recover from the pandemic. He’s dead wrong. The New York he’s talking about is the whitewashed one created for rich people.

I remember the “old” New York of the ’80s. Crime was out of control, the homeless population was exploding, crack was everywhere, and art was thriving.

When I visited the first time after many years away, a friend asked what I thought as I walked through Tompkins Square Park, which used to be notorious for crime and heroin. “It’s eerily safe,” I said. Looking around I noticed that everything was “cleaned up,” and expensive. The New York I loved became gentrified.

Times Square was no longer a bustling sleaze mecca. Instead, chain restaurants and “family-friendly” shops took over the entire spot. The peepshows, strip clubs, sex workers, and cheap little bars ‘n food joints – all gone. While I appreciated the safe feeling walking around late at night, I was sad. I missed the old, gritty New York.

Now the rich people are leaving New York. They are fleeing to their summer homes and other cities. And writing about how New York is “finished” from some location on a remote beach where they will have gates around their communities.

They are so, so wrong. New York may be down, but it’s not out. It will recover. He may be right about it not being the “same” but I think it won’t be the “same” for him or rich people like him. It will be like the ’70s and ’80s for a bit. Then the artists will rise up and reclaim the city. The music, food, culture, and art will return with a fierceness. The people who couldn’t afford it will be able to return to Manhattan. Who knows – maybe The Deuce will get its sleaze factor back (I’m all for that)?

So no, it won’t be back for guys like him. But for people like me, who prefer the grit to the safe white rich person haven, it will be home once again. New York’s comeback will be spectacular, creative, and full of color, magic, craziness, and music. Just watch.

The Hit List - New York will be fine

New York is always beautiful to me.

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What I’m Grateful For:

New York

My friends

New books coming out

Time to myself

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