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Once upon a time, in a classroom long ago, I managed to get an A on penmanship. In fact, this was a regular occurrence for me. I took pride in my handwriting back then. But over the years, after way too many hours spent on a computer, my cursive is cursed.

Instead of the perfectly straight lines and gorgeous curls that once adorned my letters, now it’s chicken scratch, legible and perhaps better than most, but still not what it once was. I’m faster on the computer too which makes me less likely to want to write in longhand like fellow authors Rachel Pollack and Briana Saussy (how do they do it?). This is how I write all my stuff because frankly, it would take too long and be too hard to read the other way. Weirdly, I also make spelling mistakes when I write longhand. What’s up with that?

They say you lose a skill if you don’t use it. Have we gotten so dependent on texting and typing that we are all doomed to ugly penmanship? Is the art of the signature lost forever?

I’ve been thinking about that a lot. I also wonder what graphologists, those who study handwriting, have to think about this. If we all have shitty penmanship, does that mean we’re all getting some sort of depressing diagnosis?

Years ago, I visited a graphologist at a fair with my children. As she analyzed their handwriting, she talked about insecurity and things that were typical of children. Meanwhile, I was getting busy – taking my time to deliver the most perfect script she was ever going to see. (I also knew enough about graphology to be dangerous!)

As she peered at my writing, she gasped. “I have never seen someone with such handwriting! You really have your act together. There is nothing wrong with you! WOW.” I grinned at my children and laughed as we walked out. My gorgeous penmanship coupled with the little bit I knew about handwriting analysis worked in my favor!

But those days are long gone. My arthritis and too much time on the computer sealed that fate.

So I’ve started writing more letters. Postcards, short notes, and the like. I even have an official pen pal! It’s a way to keep in touch but also to practice writing again. Because computers be damned, I still want to preserve (and improve) the art of cursive script. I’m not sure if I will ever be as fancy (or graphology-awesome) as I was back in the day. But hey as the say goes: if you don’t use it, you lose it.

winter trees with snow

The view outside.

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