The Hit List - Pluto In Aquarius and The End of the Social Media Era

Just the other day, Pluto dipped a toe into Aquarius. Astrologers have been anticipating this transit and talking plenty about revolution, one of the themes of this transit. Not surprising our focus is there, given what’s going on in France at the moment. Fun fact: the last time Pluto was in Aquarius, the French Revolution happened. History and astrological cycles repeat. 

The same day Pluto switched up, I received a notice that Twitter was abolishing legacy blue checkmarks as of April 1st. If you want to keep yours, you’ll have to pay. It looks like Meta isn’t far behind. They’ve already begun unrolling paid verification too.

Verification was a way to protect the public from scam accounts. But now it will be more akin to a vanity license plate. It also removes the protective layer because anyone with a phone and a credit card can get verified, including ne’er do wells with nefarious agendas. (Meta says they require identification – but Twitter doesn’t.)

At the same time this is happening, TikTok is on the verge of being banned in the States, a huge blow to the many content creators and businesses who depend on it.

All of this is Pluto in Aquarius in action. Pluto is the planet of transformation, and it will often destroy in order to rebuild something better. Aquarius is not only associated with revolution but also with groups, social justice, humanitarianism, innovation, and technology. So is it a surprise to see the old platforms of social media are going through things now?

It’s actually been coming for some time. I’ve been on social media for eons, and it’s certainly changed. While some of the changes have been good, most of them haven’t been.

Many of the younger folks I know ditched Facebook a long time ago. I’ve been told it’s because it’s now “only a bunch of boomers bitching.” I gotta say…there is a bit of truth to that. I’ll occasionally take a peek, but the nonstop sob stories drive me outta there.

Instagram was once an excellent platform for sharing photos. But now it wants to be TikTok. Plus, it is so overrun with imposters that it’s a chore to have a page there, especially if you’re a metaphysical person. While they claim they will provide more support if you pay for verification, I find that promise to be dubious when they already tell us they don’t have enough people on staff to check every claim…and Zuck just laid off a bunch of employees.

Twitter used to be a place for real-time news reporting, and it allowed people to organize. It was also my favorite place for conversations about tarot, astrology, and whatnot. Most of the tarot people I know aren’t there any longer. Recent changes have also flooded the algorithms with ads and tweets from people I’m not following. And now the new verification means it will get worse, which will make it hard to find useful information. I can’t help but think it will make it much harder for folks to organize. So much for the “town square.”

Is social media dying? Are the owners purposely throwing wrenches in the works to line their pockets while allowing scammers and disinformation to flourish – and preventing people from organizing? It certainly seems like this is the case. It’s the old “let them eat cake,” but in this case, it’s “let them pay for everything and see nothing we don’t want them to see.”

Aquarius doesn’t play like that. It’s for the people. Pluto in Aquarius is like the anarchist with the match on the molotov, ready to burn down the establishment.

Maybe these old social media platforms need to die off so something new can be built. Something by the people for the people, the artists, the writers, the thinkers, and the ones who want a just, equitable society. That sure sounds nicer than billionaires who don’t seem to care about any of those things. 

Can there be an Aquarian age for social media? Yes. But Pluto moves slowly, and right now, we are only getting a taste. The first stage is destruction, and we see it all falling apart before our eyes. The rebuilding won’t come until much later. Pluto is only testing the waters, much like this paid verification is being tested. 

In June, Pluto heads back to Capricorn to finish tying up loose ends associated with that cycle (traditions, government, structure). Once 2024 rolls around, it’s back in Aquarius. By that time, we’ll have an idea of how things might be shaping up.  In a previous post, I mused about quiet quitting social media, but these new developments make me think it won’t be quiet. It will be a revolution. 



PS After much thought, I will not pay for verification. I’ve been verified on all platforms, and if they take my check away, so be it.


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